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Immortal Beethoven Illustration
new musical play

Immortal Beethoven

created by The Moving Company

Sat Jul 30, 2022

Orchestra Hall

In this imaginative play with music, Beethoven comes to life in a new way. The Moving Company’s Nathan Keepers, Sarah Agnew and Steven Epp portray fictional and historical characters who pose a few questions to Beethoven: What’s the work of the artist today? Does that change across history? Directed by Dominique Serrand, and featuring live music performed by the Orchestra with Sarah Hicks conducting, the work examines Beethoven’s impact over the generations.

A Few Things to Know

  • The Moving Company offered these comments on the ideas that went into creating the musical play Immortal Beethoven:
  • Ludwig van Beethoven wasn’t the most jovial of people, you might say. He was known to be cantankerous and misanthropic—and singularly focused on his work, which caused him great joy and pain. When we started to read about him and his life, we were struck by the reality of his persona put next to his music. So we started to explore questions like who he was, who we think he was, who he  wasn’t, what he made, what we think he made, what we hear when we listen to his music, what he was hearing in his head, why we still care—and why wouldn’t we still care?
  • These avenues of inquiry led to even broader questions. Can you separate the artist from the art? Do the events of an artist’s life inform the work solely? Or is it a pursuit of form, a need to break from the traditions and carve your own path? We can’t ever fully know—but does it matter if we do? And what happens if that artist’s life is combed over, picked through and argued about for 200 years? Can you hear the music the same way the very first audience did? With awe, and sometimes anger?
  • In this performance, audience members are invited to imagine they’ve never heard of, or heard little of, this composer Ludwig van Beethoven. And to discover some things about him, but most importantly, listen to his music for the first time.

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Minnesota Orchestra

Sarah Hicks


Dominique Serrand

stage director and writer

Nathan Keepers

writer and actor

Sarah Agnew


Steven Epp

writer and actor

Sam Bergman

music and creative partner

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