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Violas (pronounced “vee-oh-lahs”) are bigger than violins and have a lower, deeper sound. Violas are the only instrument to read music in a clef called “alto clef.” This clef sits in the middle between the high treble notes of the violin and the low bass notes of the cellos and basses, which is perfect for the mid-range sounds of the viola. You play the viola by tucking it between your chin and shoulder, just like the violin. Your left hand presses down on the strings to change the pitch, and your right hand moves the bow or plucks the strings. The viola has four strings tuned a fifth apart, and from highest to lowest, they are: A, D, G, and C.


Rebecca Albers

Principal Viola, Reine H. Myers Chair

Jenni Seo

Assistant Principal Viola

Sam Bergman


Sifei Cheng


Kenneth Freed


Megan Tam