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The double bass is the giant of the string family, standing at a little over six feet tall! It’s so large that you have to stand or sit on a high stool to play it. Just like the other members of the string family, you use your right hand to move the bow or pluck the strings and your left hand to press down on the strings to change the pitch. The double bass has the lowest pitch range of the string family and often works with its friends in the percussion section to provide the rhythmic foundation of the orchestra. The bass has four strings tuned a fourth apart, and from highest to lowest, they are exactly opposite the violin: G, D, A, and E.

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Kristen Bruya

Principal Bass, Jay Phillips Chair

Kathryn Nettleman

Associate Principal Bass, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Stepanek Chair

William Schrickel

Assistant Principal Bass

Robert Anderson


Matthew Frischman


Brian Liddle


David Williamson