His Sacrifice

His Sacrifice

By Ashidy Adams, a student at Missourilaan Secondary School

He never showed his scars

He held the nation on his shoulders as if it were a coat, shining with diversity

He never revealed that he too

Bleeds on the inside

He remained hopeful

And that manifested into human form

He was steadfast


Rooted to stop oppression so

That I can taste freedom

Not just catch a glimpse of it

He defied every rule set for a people of color

His actions

Made me bolder

Than a den of lions

To be African

He wore his wounds

Like a crown

Bestowed only to royalty

We never saw the pain

He hid behind his smile

That made atmospheres change

He embraced the chaos

Because he saw the rainbow after the storm

Nelson Mandela

His name

Still resonates after 100 years

In the hearts of the nation

Who bled for

Their freedom

Long live his sacrifice!

Minnesota Orchestra Staff