Common Chords: Mankato

Common Chords: Mankato

Take a look back at the Minnesota Orchestra's recent stop in Mankato from April 25-27. This visit to the Minnesota River Valley is all part of the Minnesota Orchestra’s Common Chords program, which establishes partnerships between the Orchestra and Greater Minnesota cities, each culminating in its own unique residency.

Music In The Minnesota River Valley

Minnesota Orchestra musicians hit the high notes early on Wednesday, launching a multi-day Mankato residency at Mankato West High School at 8:15 am, followed by a pop-up performance at the Mayo Specialty Clinic and interviews at Radio Mankato. Junior visitors to the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota learned that a trombone can make sounds like a race car—and that a tuba can play really really low notes. Seventh and eighth grade music students at Prairie Winds Middle School gathered other insights, like how to articulate with precision—“If it says ‘accent,’ I want you to give more than you think possible,” encouraged violist Richard Marshall, as Orchestra string musicians played alongside the middle schoolers on Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King. “I fell in love with music today,” said one middle school bass player after the experience.

Brass Quintet performing music of all genres (classical, jazz, blues, rags) for visitors at the Children’s Museum of Southern Minnesota.

Principal Tuba Steve Campbell demonstrating how low the tuba can go.

Brass and String quartets performing, chatting and working with music students at Prairie Winds Middle School.

The Brass Quintet wraps up their day at Radio Mankato, doing several interviews and testing the limits of how many brass players can fit (and perform!) in one small sound booth.

Sparking Music Memories

The Common Chords Mankato project opened its second day with a jaunt 20 minutes north to St Peter, Minnesota. Led by Assistant Conductor Akiko Fujimoto, the full Orchestra visited this picturesque community to play Tchaikovsky’s Pathétique in a noon hour concert for students at the brand-new St. Peter High School.

Violist Sam Bergman hosted the post-concert Q&A, where one student posed the question, “Why did you want to play in this band?” (Principal Cello Anthony Ross’ answer: “We get to make a living doing what we love in a great orchestra. We are fortunate!”)

The Brass and String ensembles headed back to Mankato for concerts at Mankato Brewery, playing amidst the gleaming brewing apparatus, and Old Main Village Senior Living Community, where one 103-year-old resident smiled wistfully at the end of the string performance. “The music reminds me of my father,” she said. “He played the mandolin.”

Tchaikovsky Wraps The Week

Mankato Area Youth Symphony students were among the first to arrive for the Minnesota Orchestra’s evening performance at Mankato’s Verizon Center on Friday, April 27. The student musicians met with their professional string and brass counterparts to pose questions, pre-concert. (A running theme: “How much do you practice?!”)

Assistant Conductor Akiko Fujimoto led the full-Orchestra performance in Verizon’s Grand Hall that featured Principal Second Violin Peter McGuire, a Mankato-native, in Mozart’s exquisite Turkish Violin Concert. The evening, and the Mankato Common Chords week drew to a dramatic close with the power and drama of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 6.

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Photos by Greg Helgeson

Minnesota Orchestra Staff