Q&A with Symphony Ball Chairs Karen and Lloyd Kepple

Q&A with Symphony Ball Chairs Karen and Lloyd Kepple

Lights, camera, action! Symphony Ball 2018, “Sounds of the Cinema,” is bringing Hollywood magic to Orchestra Hall on Saturday, May 12, for a gala evening of film music, dining, auctions, dancing and good company, all for a great cause: your Minnesota Orchestra. Ball Chairs Karen and Lloyd Kepple share thoughts on Symphony Ball—the Orchestra’s largest annual fundraiser.

How did you pick the theme “Sounds of the Cinema”?

It came from our memories of all those special movies that have spoken to us and moved us. When we later hear the scores from those movies, perhaps on Saturdays on Minnesota Public Radio, the same emotions are summoned, and we’re reminded of how essential the score is to the overall impact of the movie. All sorts of fantastic ideas flowed from there.

How will this theme come to life?

We’re planning a red carpet experience, literally and figuratively! From walking on the red carpet, to a sumptuous meal in a Hollywood-style ballroom, to beautiful and exciting movie scores performed by our beloved Minnesota Orchestra, it will be a special and magical evening. We’ll also add a local twist as the Orchestra collaborates with the phenomenal jeremy messersmith. Other musicians and partners will tie in to the theme as well, including the Bryan Nichols Trio, Synergy, DJ Ander Other and Trivia Mafia.

Tell us about a few of your favorite film scores.

Our love of film music started with the Disney movies of our distant youth—Cinderella, Snow White, Pinocchio. More recently, that love relates to special films that hit an emotional sweet spot. For baseball-loving Lloyd, it’s Field of Dreams—especially the swell of James Horner’s magnificent score when Kevin Costner plays catch with his father. For Karen, it’s West Side Story, Dances with Wolves, The Sound of Music, and the classic song and dance movies of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. And then there are the Hitchcock films in which the music is the dramatic effect. We also love Dave Grusin’s score from On Golden Pond, which was released about the time we were married. We watch it together every few years—seeing it through a different lens each time as our marriage and life experiences evolve and mature.

What have been your connections to the Orchestra over the years?

When Lloyd was a young boy, his mother took him (by the ear) to hear the Orchestra in 1960, Stanislaw Skrowaczewski’s first year as music director. Karen’s parents also took their family to the Orchestra and insisted on each kid choosing at least one instrument to learn to play. Our shared love of music led us to attend many Orchestra concerts over the years. Then in 2009, Lloyd joined the Orchestra’s Board of Directors and our involvement increased significantly. As our connections have deepened, we’ve come to appreciate the fine musicians and the broader team that make the Orchestra a robust jewel of our community.

An especially wonderful moment came a few years ago when we, along with Lloyd’s mother, joined the Orchestra onstage for a rehearsal with Skrowaczewski conducting. It was 55 years after Lloyd’s mother took him to that first concert conducted by Stan, and this time Lloyd was able to return the favor with Stan still at the podium. As this year’s Symphony Ball Chairs, we’re honored to have the opportunity to give back to the broader community by leading our wonderful committee (including many musicians) in planning the Orchestra’s primary fundraising event.

Members of the 2018 Symphony Ball committee. Front row (left to right): Margee Bracken, Nancy Lindahl, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Lloyd Kepple, Karen Kepple, Allison Hillman, Sue Zelickson, Emily Sumners Pyne and Mary Sumners. Back row (left to right): Warren Mack, Gary Cunningham, Laurie Greeno, Lynn Smith, Melodie Bahan, Douglas Wright, Kathy Junek, John Wilgers, Linda Murrell, Trudy Wilgers, Lisa Paradis, Rob Spikings, Akiko Fujimoto, Maureen Conroy, Grant Meachum, Bryan Pyne, Sarah Grimes, Desralynn Cole, Beatrice Blanc, Amy Lamphere, Michael Sutton, Marni Hougham, Charlie Anderson, Sanja DeGarmo, Paula DeCosse and Wendy Williams. Photo by Frank Merchlewitz.

What have you learned about film music from your experience as Ball Chairs?

One thing we’ve noticed since we chose the “Sounds of the Cinema” theme for is that we’ve been listening more carefully to the music in movies we’ve watched.  Rather than it being more subliminal, the music has become a focal point in our enjoyment of movies, even those for which the music isn’t overtly the focus, but is still just as essential. The movie experience would be incomplete without the musical score.

Are newcomers welcome at Symphony Ball?

Of course! This is a special and inclusive party to celebrate and support our world-renowned Orchestra and the wonderful community which we serve. This event is your event—open to all music lovers. Members of the community can support and join the celebration at multiple price points. Orchestra Hall is the place to be on May 12, 2018!

Visit minnesotaorchestra.org/symphonyball for more information and to purchase tickets.

Minnesota Orchestra Staff