See You Soon!

See You Soon!

Saturday August 27, 2016
It’s a cloudless morning in Copenhagen, and we are heading home, tired, but buoyed by the music and each other. Outside the concert hall last night, the cacophony and confusion of the Tivoli amusement park seemed to sum up the complex challenges that our staff and stage crew navigate so calmly and miraculously.

And now begins the long journey home.

How can I have failed to mention that my cello reached Finland, then Scotland, Holland, and Denmark, with all its fingers and toes! May there be a special place in heaven for our stage crew. Most of the musicians will be home in a day or two. But for our instruments, wardrobe trunks, music library, etc., (82 trunks weighing seven tons!) it will take a week.

Everything will travel by truck to Luxembourg, where it will be met by our stage crew and “palletized” for the cargo plane. (Oh dear, I really resist these made-up verbs.) Then flown to Chicago, where it will again be met by our stage crew, loaded onto the orchestra truck and finally off-loaded—again by our stage crew--at Orchestra Hall. They are the best.

One of the special pleasures of this tour has been having many of our board members and patrons traveling in tandem with us. Breakfasts in the hotels or backstage after a concert: it is a real joy to know you have shared both our excitement and our anxiety. This has been a truly joyful, deepening connection. Thank you for your steadying presence!

And thank you to all in Minnesota who have been following us and rooting for us. We’ll be getting ready to start a new season. See you soon.

Marcia Peck

Cellist Marcia Peck has been a member of the Minnesota Orchestra since 1971. She is also an award-winning fiction writer who has received two Minnesota State Arts Board Artists Fellowships. Her essays have been published in Minnesota Orchestra at One Hundred and the Orchestra’s program magazine, Showcase. Read her full biography »