Photos: Edinburgh, Scotland

Photos: Edinburgh, Scotland

Tuesday was time to push forward to Scotland. Following a 90-minute bus ride to Helsinki, a two-and-a half-hour flight to Edinburgh and a slow line through customs, the Orchestra arrived in this capital city with barely two hours to spare before a 6:30pm touch-up rehearsal and an 8pm concert. The performance was part of the Edinburgh International Festival, generally considered one of the most important cultural celebrations in the world.

Osmo is a fan of 10-week old Arthur Garlick, whose dad (James) is playing as an additional musician on the tour.

Staff member Michael Pelton confers with Alessandra, who works for Classical Movements, the company that expertly manages travel logistics on the road for the Orchestra.

Quarters are tight—this charter flight did not have a single empty seat!

A light drizzle started to fall as the Orchestra finally made its way out of the airport.

We're in Scotland!

This tour stop is too brief for musicians to consider a visit to Edinburgh Castle, but the spectacular structure dominates the city.

Trumpeter Bob Dorer celebrates the Orchestra’s arrival at Usher Hall in Edinburgh.

Assistant Conductor Roderick Cox confers with violinist Pekka Kuusisto at rehearsal.

Adapting to the acoustics of a new venue each day with minimal rehearsal time is part of the intrigue and challenge of touring. Principal Trombone Doug Wright warms up pre-concert.

Principal Trumpet Manny Laureano takes a moment backstage to reflect pre-concert.

Associate Principal Oboe John Snow prepares for tonight's concert.

Associate Principal Flute Greg Milliren backstage at Usher Hall.

Stage Manager Gail Reich with Technical Director Joel Mooney. Gail, who plans to retire from her position this fall, is celebrating her 9th international tour with the Orchestra.

Power foursome: artistic staff members Kris Arkis, Beth Kellar Long , Kari Marshall and Mele Willis make the tour run.

Concertgoers line up outside of Usher Hall.

Osmo prepares for his stage entrance. First up on the program tonight: Sibelius’s Pohjola’s Daughter.

Stage Managers from Scotland, Finland and Minnesota unite. Our Technical Director Joel Mooney, center.

Osmo and Pekka share a backstage moment before the Concerto.

The Edinburgh International Festival was established in 1947 as a way to boost post-war Britain. Now the Festival presents over 160 performances involving over 2500 artists each season, and the Minnesota Orchestra is proud to be among their ranks.

This concert marked the Minnesota Orchestra’s third appearance at the Festival.

Tonight’s concert concluded with a performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony—now a powerful calling card for this Orchestra and conductor.

Acknowledgement of another wonderful audience!

Applause for Osmo Vänskä and the Minnesota Orchestra.

Thank you, Edinburgh!

Minnesota Orchestra Staff