Season Finale: Vänskä Conducts Mahler's Fifth

Season Finale: Vänskä Conducts Mahler's Fifth

In a season that opened with Mahler's 4th Symphony, Friday's performance of Mahler's 5th Symphony concluded the season in a blaze of orchestral glory. Christian Tetzlaff's reading of Berg's Violin Concerto was both energetic and refined. Photos by Greg Helgeson.

The evening begins with Berg's Violin Concerto

A moment of visible intensity

Second violin section

Christian Tetzlaff surrounded by strings at Friday's performance

Percussionist Brian Mount

Maestro Vänskä in fine form at Friday's Season Finale

Clarinetists Tim Zavadil, David Pharris and Gregory T. Williams

Mid-permormance of Mahler's mighty Fifth Symphony

Kathy Kienzle playing harp on Mahler's Fifth Symphony

A moment of crescendo in three parts

A well-deserved standing ovation following the magnificent 72-minute symphony

Well done, Kathy!

Osmo Vänskä meeting with patrons after Friday's Season Finale performance

Enthusiam Level=High in the lobby following Friday's concert. Hope to see you all at Sommerfest!

Minnesota Orchestra Staff