A German Requiem for Windows

A German Requiem for Windows

On Saturday, April 23, Minnesota arts non-profit FD13 is partnering with Orchestra Hall for a multi-faceted musical experience called A German Requiem for Windows in the Target Atrium, while the orchestra performs Brahms' masterpiece on stage.

FD13 was started in early 2014 by curator Sandra Teitge with a mission to “promote an international network of artistic exchanges in Minnesota, to further intercultural understanding, and to stimulate the creative development of artists.” FD13 creates residencies for the arts that provide time and space for artists from around the world for a period of one to four weeks.

A German Requiem for Windows will present a multi-faceted musical experience that combines an array of mediums such as voice, speech, movement and choreography to create an immersive artistic collaboration. This contemporary experience will be occurring in the Target Atrium simultaneously with the performance Brahms’ A German Requiem.

Marit Neeb is a Berlin-based artist who will be curating this performance. Marit will be live streaming the concert in the hall through a set of headphones as she develops choreography and drawings based on what she is hearing in real time. Audience members watching her performance will not be able to hear the music. This concept will allow concertgoers to experience the orchestra’s performance in a multi-directional setting as Marit communicates the program through different art forms.

After the concert, audience members not present for Marit’s display will be able to view the drawings created during the program.

Minnesota Orchestra's relationship with FD13 began simply enough, as a rental inquiry. When they reached out to the Education and Community Engagement Team about this project, it seemed like a great collaborative piece and unique experience for audiences. Thus, a rental inquiry turned into a full-fledged OH+ partnership.

To be able to see the music takes it to a sensory level that moves us to interpret meaning beyond our hearing. Audiences will see music in the art that surrounds the everyday experience. The hope is that maybe concertgoers will be moved to interpret a sonata or hip-hop piece at home through drawing and will find a deeper, more important meaning through that.

Visual interpretation and performance art pieces that connect to our repertoire are something that will hopefully become increasingly prevalent in OH+ programming. This performance will definitely work to challenge ideas surrounding art, how we sense it, and leave concertgoers with a new appreciation for multi-dimensional artistic experiences.

A German Requiem for Windows
Saturday, April 23, 2016  8:30-10:30pm
Target Atrium, Orchestra Hall
FREE, no ticket required

Update: photo from the performance.

Marit Neeb art in the Target Atrium at Orchestra Hall

Minnesota Orchestra Staff