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Grand Rapids steering committee
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The Grand Rapids Common Chords steering committee was made up of leaders from many sectors of the Grand
Rapids community: arts organizations, city government, school district and local businesses. Their dedication,
creativity and enthusiasm proved invaluable to the success of the project.
Beginning in the fall of 2010, the group met five times with orchestra staff in Grand Rapids, with telephone and Skype
meetings interspersed between. Five steering committee members—Kathy Dodge, Steve Downing, David Marty, Ed
Zabinski and Rick Harding—emerged as a leadership core. These members functioned as sub-committee chairs
responsible for various events throughout the week. The core committee met regularly on their own and with the
orchestra project manager to maintain the momentum of the
project. During the Common Chords week, at least one member
of the core committee was present at each event.
The steering committee’s duties included:
Providing the overall vision for the Grand Rapids
Common Chords week
Linking the project to local organizations and community
members to encourage broad participation
Coordinating logistical arrangements for community events
Working to raise visibility for Common Chords
Raising local funds to augment the program
Grand Rapids Common Chords Steering Committee
Kathy Dodge – Committee Chair; Executive Director, Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program
Dan Aalto – Director of Instruction, Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program
Katie Benes – Marketing Director, Reif Arts Center
Christa Berg – Board member, Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program
Sarah Bignall – Marketing , Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital
Steve Downing – Consultant, Northern Community Radio
Patty Jo Erven – Resource Specialist, Indian Education, Independent School District 318
Sue Estee – Executive Director, Second Harvest North Central Food Bank
Mary Ives – Owner, Timberlake Lodge
Rick Harding – Business owner
David Marty – President, Reif Arts Center
Maggie Montgomery – General Manager, Northern Community Radio
Ranae Seykora – Principal, Forest Lake Elementary School
Rochelle VanDenHeuvel – Curriculum Director, Independent School District 318
Ed Zabinski – Senior Vice President, Grand Rapids State Bank; Grand Rapids City Councilor
Grand Rapids Partner Organizations
American Indian Services ISD 318
City of Grand Rapids
Community Café
Grand Rapids Arts
Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital
Grand Rapids Chamber of
Grand Rapids Public Library
Grand Rapids State Bank
KAXE, Northern Community Radio
Independent School District 318
Invest Early
Itasca County Family YMCA
Itasca Orchestra & Strings Program
MacRostie Art Center
Minnesota Diversified Industries
Second Harvest North Central
Food Bank
St. Joseph’s Catholic Church
Myles Reif Performing Arts Center
Timberlake Lodge
Zion Lutheran Church
(From left) Kathy Dodge, Steve Downing, David
Marty, Rick Harding and Vicky Harding
Photo: Mele Willis