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We’ve done a lot of concerts in rural Minnesota communities in the dozen years that I’ve been with this orchestra, and they’ve
all been special in one way or another. But I’ve never experienced anything like what just happened in Grand Rapids this past
week, and in talking with other members of the band, it was pretty clear that everyone felt the same way.
– Minnesota Orchestra violist Sam Bergman, Inside the Classics blog
Many forms of media helped engage the full Grand Rapids community
and share news of the project with the world beyond northern
A major part of the week’s outreach was a partnership with
, a
local independent public radio station. Conductors Sarah Hicks and
Courtney Lewis gave on-air interviews to promote the week’s events
and participated in the station’s pledge drive. A Minnesota Orchestra
string quartet performance was also featured live on-air. Program
highlights and schedule information were featured throughout week.
Grand Rapids Herald-Review
newspaper featured the Common Chords partnership on the front page of the
Sunday, October 9, 2011 paper, with periodic follow-up features.
Common Chords website
was updated throughout the week.
Multiple entries each day featured photos, video and brief summaries of programs. Fourteen-year-old Maggie
Anderson, a ninth-grade cellist and resident of nearby Bigfork, added her perspectives on several events. The website
was the main home to the full schedule of events and will serve as an ongoing archive of the week.
Two Common Chords
were sent to more than 132,000
Minnesota Orchestra patrons, donors and colleagues. The final
email, featuring the
story and video had a 22% open rate,
significantly higher than typical rates.
Social media brought the Grand Rapids experience to many
Minnesota Orchestra fans.
posts throughout the week
included 80 pictures that were not featured on the website. These
posts attracted many comments from people in Grand Rapids and
those following along from elsewhere. Posts on
highlighted Grand Rapids events. The Minnesota Orchestra’s
the Classics blog
highlighted Common Chords in posts by violist
Sam Bergman and conductor Sarah Hicks.
Video from the
finale was posted on
, attracting 5,400 views within a span of ten days. This
surpasses by more than 2,000 views the Minnesota Orchestra’s previous most viewed video–when the new designs
for Orchestra Hall were announced. Video of the Ojibwe circle dance was also shared online.
Photo: Steve Downing