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Osmo Vänskä /// Music Director

Bus Subsidies

Welcome to our bus subsidy program! We have a limited amount of funds to help with transportation costs for the 2019-2020 Minnesota Orchestra Young People’s Concert Season. Because we do not have enough funds for every school that attends our concerts, grants will be awarded on a first-come first-served basis.

  • Is your ticket order contingent on a bus subsidy? 
    Even if your ticket order is contingent on our bus subsidy, we encourage you to reserve your seats now to secure tickets. If for some reason your bus subsidy request cannot be fulfilled, we can easily release your reservation.
  • All schools, regardless of district or geographic location, are welcome to apply.
  • Priority is given to schools with a higher percentage of free and reduced lunch.
  • If awarded, we will provide up to $180 for every bus needed for your group

2019-20 Bus Subsidies

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