Common Chords: Willmar

Sitting Side by Side in Willmar

Minnesota Orchestra musicians joined the Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra Tuesday evening for a side-by-side rehearsal of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 4 led by conductor Sarah Hicks.

Members of the Willmar area ensemble were thrilled to have the opportunity to rehearse with members of the Minnesota Orchestra, also getting a chance to gain a few new practice and performance tips.

Michelle Suter, Middle School and High School Orchestra director, was an excited participant in the side-by-side rehearsal.  From her seat in the violin section, she said, “It’s so neat to have the Minnesota Orchestra musicians working with us and sitting among us; this is a great opportunity for all of us.”

Ann Wiborg took part in last fall’s Minnesota Orchestra Fantasy Camp at Orchestra Hall, but the rest of the year is devoted to playing in the Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra’s flute section. “This community orchestra started in 1957 out of a doctor’s house and has been continually performing since then, so to have the members of the Minnesota Orchestra come and play with us makes us feel very special.”

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Introducing the Minnesota Orchestra Brass Quintet


The Minnesota Orchestra’s weeklong Common Chords residency in Willmar, MN began Tuesday with a noontime performance by five members of the Minnesota Orchestra’s outstanding brass section at the Rice Hospital Garden Court.

Among those who spent their lunch hour enjoying the music was Dr. Tim Pieh, whose exuberant comments were, “This was wonderful—whosever idea this was deserves a raise!”  Pieh himself is a trombonist in the Willmar Area Symphonic Orchestra.

View more photos from our residency in Willmar on our Facebook page.

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