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Osmo Vänskä /// Music Director


Hear the Minnesota Orchestra every time your phone rings!

Download your FREE Minnesota Orchestra ringtone. Three different Beethoven clips are available for iPhone and Android phones.

Beethoven Symphony No. 5

Movement 1: Allegro con brio   m4r  |  m4a  |  mp3

Movement 3: Scherzo. Allegro.  m4r  |  m4a  |  mp3

Movement 3: Scherzo. Trio.  m4r  |  m4a  |  mp3

Transferring a ringtone to your phone

We suggest you reference the operating instructions for your phone, or search the web for instructions, e.g. "iPhone 5 custom ringtone." Following are general instructions to get you started.

Android phones

Ringtone .mp3s can be downloaded directly to most Android phones. Select the ringtone via your phone's menus.

Apple iPhones

Installing ringtones on iPhones requires downloading the file to a desktop computer first, importing the ringtone into iTunes, then syncing your phone with your iTunes account to transfer the ringtone. Recent iPhones require .m4r format. Tips:

  • The installation will require the most current version of iTunes.
  • Many “how-to” blogs offer detailed instructions on how to convert songs to ringtones with the appropriate .m4r format. You can skip these steps—we have already provided the .m4r format above.