Musical Mentors

YPSCA’s Musical Mentors are individuals who have decided to make gifts large enough to bring an entire classroom of students to a Young People’s Concert — a classroom from a school that would otherwise not have the economic resources to send students to Orchestra Hall. Each $150 gift from a Musical Mentor does more than purchase student tickets; it provides engaging in-school preparation designed for the specific concert the students will attend, and it supplies bus transportation as needed, including for students with special needs.

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Our Musical Mentor program was born of YPSCA’s commitment to give young people an appreciation for classical music, even if their school or school district cannot afford to send them to concerts. In recent seasons, YPSCA has typically provided tickets, busing and in-school preparation to approximately 2,000 students from 18 to 20 schools in as many as four school districts. We are continually working to assist more schools and engage more students.

YPSCA’s assistance is deeply appreciated by participating schools. One administrator noted, “Our school’s elementary orchestra program has grown significantly, in part due to the students’ invaluable experience of attending a live symphony orchestra concert.” Another wrote: “We are so lucky to have your help. YPSCA is helping to begin the process of leveling the playing field” in bringing music education to schools that would otherwise have trouble providing it.

In-School Music Program: OboeBass!

The Musical Mentor program sends the musical duo of Carrie Vecchione, oboe, and Rolf Erdahl, double bass, to each school participating in the program. These creative musicians, known professionally as OboeBass!, present engaging concert previews to the students, introducing them to the orchestral instruments and elements of classical music. They offer stories about the music and a wealth of additional information that helps prepare students and teachers to enjoy and learn from the concert.

Who are YPSCA’s Musical Mentors?

Musical Mentors come from all sectors of our community. Many are YPSCA members, while some are non-members who simply choose to donate to the Musical Mentor Program, with contributions ranging from $150 to $1,000, all fully tax-deductible. Some donors also designate matching funds from companies or foundations with which they are affiliated. Contributions of all sizes make a difference — they enable us to enlarge the program and reach out to support other students and schools.

School and Community Partnerships

Another kind of Musical Mentor support comes from community partners such as Thursday Musical, a local arts organization, funds a portion of the in-school music education program. We welcome community organizations to partner with us in making these programs possible.

Some schools seek community grants to offset a portion of the cost of the program. When schools or districts can provide even a small match to YPSCA’s funds, we are able to extend our resources to support more schools.

Why become a Musical Mentor?

This is a program in which 100 percent of each contribution goes to direct expenses of the program. This includes providing in-school music education that prepares students for Young People’s Concerts, supplying them with tickets and transporting them to Orchestra Hall. Whether you are a caring individual who wishes to become a Musical Mentor, a group of friends banding together to support a classroom or two, or a community organization committed to education, especially music education — you can help! Become a Musical Mentor today!

Please join us in thanking all our Musical Mentors for sharing music education and Young People’s Concerts with so many students!

Become A Musical Mentor  Apply for a Musical Mentor Grant