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guaranty fund
Individuals 2014-15
In memory of Howard (trombone) and
Barbara (bass) Lindow
Kay Litin
William Lohman
Peggy and Dave Lucas
Dr.* and Mrs. William E. Ludwick
Tom Madison
Dr. Susan K. Mahle
Karen Margolis and Robert Simonds
Charles N. Marvin, in memory of
Alice Cheek Sanders Marvin
Susan I. Marvin Fund
Robert and Wanda McCaa
Donald McCarthy
John and Terri McKeon
Mr. Thomas R. Melchior
Marlys and Robert Melius
Mary and Bob Mersky
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Micallef
William C. Michaelis and
Ellory Christianson
David J. Miller and Mary Dew
Jim and Linda Milow
Jim and Carol Moller
Alfred and Anne Moore
Jack and Chris Morrison
Mr. George Muellner
Katherine and Kingsley H.* Murphy
Doug and Sue Nelson
Ms. Marybeth Nelson
Raleigh P. and Barbara B. Nelson
Frederic and Kären Nemer
Lisa Niforopulos
Dr. Franklin C. Norman
Sandy Okinow
Charles and Ruth Olson
John Orbison and Holly MacDonald
Stephen H. Otto
John Overland
Mary Claire Owen
Robert J. Owens
Kelly Palmer
Derrill Pankow
Dr. Sotirios Parashos
Stephen Parry
Marge and Dwight Peterson
Lawrence Pitsch and Gail Gresser
Patricia Ploetz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pohlad
Richard and Arlene Pontinen
Lois Quam
Benjamin T. and Eva B. Rasmussen
Barbara and William Read
Mr. and Mrs.* James W. Reagan
Lawrence M. Redmond
Remele Family Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Jeffrey and Martha Rice
Sharon and Bill Richardson
Sandra and John* Roe
Ronald and Bettye Ronning
Michael and Tamara Root
Kenneth and Marian Rose
Kurt and Lesley Ann Rusterholz
Amy Sadoff and Richard Launer
Steve and Karen Sanger
Deborah and Allan Schneider
Ms. Gale Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sherman
Mr. John Sielaff
Ms. Madeline Simon
Richard H. and Mary Jo Skaggs
Matthew Smith and
Lauren Stringer
R. and H. Smith Kayakers Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Roger Snape
Steven and Gwen Starr
Ms. Carol Stavn
Dr. David M. Steinhaus
Glenn and Mary Steinke
Allan Story
Joanne Strakosch
Nancy and John Strom
Vern Sutton
R.E. Swager Family Foundation
Ms. Barbara Telander
E. Scott Thatcher
DoraLee Delzell Throckmorton
Meredith and Samuel Tutterow
Mark and Sarah Twedt
Stephanie Cain Van D’Elden
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Van Tassel
Ms. Paula Vesely
Robert and Mavis Voigt
The Whitney Foundation
Carole and Rick Wiederhorn
Frances and Frank Wilkinson
James and Barbara Willis
Eric and Joann Ludeman Yost
*In Remembrance
These listings are current as of February 12, 2015. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy. If your name has been inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed,
please accept our apology and contact the Development department at 612-371-5600 or at
Concertmaster’s Circle
$1,000 - $2,499
Students arriving eager to attend a
Young People’s Concert.
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