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Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
has been a fixture in
New Orleans since 1961, when Preservation Hall became
a home for jazz musicians and aficionados in the heart
of the French Quarter. The band has traveled worldwide,
nurturing and perpetuating the art form of New Orleans
jazz, and its music embodies a joyful, timeless spirit,
whether played at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center, or for
British royalty or the king of Thailand. The band’s recent
activities include performance tours to Europe, Japan,
Mexico, Canada and throughout the U.S., and its newest
album is
That’s It!
Many of the band’s charter members performed with such
jazz pioneers as Buddy Bolden, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis
Armstrong and Bunk Johnson; band leaders over the years
have included brothers Willie and Percy Humphrey, husband
and wife Billie and De De Pierce, pianist Sweet Emma
Barrett, and Wendell and John Brunious. Ben Jaffe, the
current creative director for both the band and Preservation
Hall itself, is the son of co-founders Allen and Sandra Jaffe.
Among the programs he has spearheaded is the New Orleans
Musicians Hurricane Relief Fund. For more information, visit
Friday, March 27, 2015, 8 pm Orchestra Hall
Preservation Hall Jazz Band
Ben Jaffe
, creative director and tuba
Mark Braud
, trumpet and vocals
Charlie Gabriel
, clarinet and vocals
Clint Maedgen
, saxophone and vocals
Joe Lastie, Jr.
, drums
Freddie Lonzo
, trombone and vocals
Rickie Monie
, piano
Ronell Johnson
, tuba and vocals
Live at Orchestra Hall
Tonight’s program will be announced from the stage.
There will be one intermission.
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