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Concertmaster’s Circle
$1,000 - $2,499
guaranty fund
Individuals 2014-15
*In Remembrance
The Cy and Paula DeCosse Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Ms. Dorothie Dekko and
Dr. Richard Frey
The Dellwood Foundation
Richard and Lucille DeRemee
Thomas and Mary Lou Detwiler
Dave and Pat Drew
Dr. Mary Anne Ebert and
Paul Stembler
The Ekdahl Hutchinson Family Fund
Gerald and Kathleen Erickson
Catherine L. and Gerald B. Fischer
Leland and Marles Frankman
Cynthia Freedman and
Luke Schallinger
Frush Family Foundation,
on behalf of Jeff and Mary Frush
James and Julie Gasper
Meg and Wayne Gisslen
Claire Givens and Andrew Dipper
Myra and Roger Greenberg
Susan Hagstrum and
Robert Bruininks
The Gerald and Patrice Halbach
Charitable Fund
William H. Halverson
Charlene H. Hara
Lorraine Hart
Ron and Bea Hasselmann
John and Jean Hedberg
Don Helgeson and Sue Shepard
Fredrick J. Hey, Jr.*
Jack and Linda Hoeschler
Family Fund of
The Saint Paul Foundation
Diane and Tony Hofstede
William and Shadra Hogan
David and Cara Holmberg
Drs.RobertB.andSondraW. Howe
Shirley and Lloyd Hubbard
Penny Hunt
Ruth and John Huss
Marlene and Cecil Jacobs
Patricia* and Benjamin Jaffray
Barbara and Marshall Johnson
Charlie Johnson
Gail M. Jones
Stephan and Karen Kistler
Bob and Nancy Kloehn
Rebecca Knittle and Howard Vogel
Ilo and Margaret Leppik
Barbara S. Longfellow
Stephen and Kathi Austin Mahle
Kay and Mike McCarthy
Anne McKinsey,
in memory of Mary Earl McKinsey
Michael Merrick
Carolyn and Charles Meyer
Charles Mitchell
Lucy and Bob Mitchell —
The Longfellow Foundation
Tom Murtha and Stefanie Lenway
Dr. Michael T. and Nan Nelson
Edwin W. Norberg Charitable Trust
Paradis Family Fund
Katherine Payne
Bill and Barbara Pearce Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Gary N. and Barbara J. Petersen
Nancy Pflager Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Judith and David Ranheim
Sharon and Bill Richardson
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ringer
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Tony Ross and Beth Rapier
Ronald K. and Carol B. Rydell
Donald and Mary Anne Ryks
Earl S. and Barbara Flanagan Sanford
Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Mr. Buddy M. Scroggins
Miriam A. Seim
Mr. Allen Sever
John and Rebecca Shockley
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Mary Sigmond
Dr. Kathleen Kay Simo
Douglas and Katherine Skor
William Slobotski and Celeste Mazur
Jacqueline Smith
Robert Snyder
Arne and Patricia Sorenson
Dr. Michael Spilane
Janet* and Peter Spokes
Arturo L. Steely
Robert and Sandra Stein
Julie Stewart and John Bassett
Dr. John and Jennifer Stoltenberg
John H. and Marcia L. Stout
Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson
Marsha and Gary Tankenoff
Delroy and Doris Thomas
Mary Hershberger Thun and David Thun
Ms. Marcia Townley
Josephine Trubek
Trish and Ed Vaurio
Jorge Velosa and Chris Sigurdson
Joanne and Philip* Von Blon
Ed and Carol Wagner
Mrs. Murray B. Walker
Dr. Lawrence* and Dee Weaver
Jo and Howard Weiner
The William and Barbara Welke
Charitable Fund
Patricia C. Williams*
Dodd and Ginger Wilson
John Windhorst
John and Renata Winsor Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Ray C. Witter
Peg and Dick Woellner
Michael Wunsch
Anonymous (3)
Alden and Elizabeth (Bette) Abraham
Charitable Gift Fund
John and Cheryl Adolphson
Meredith B. Alden
Dr. Thomas and Donna Alt
Lucille Amis
Caroline H. Anderson
Kathleen Arendt
Arnar Family Fund
Michael and Susan Arnold
Jerry L. Artz
Rosalyn Baker
Ms. Jean Bauer
Mrs. Ruth E. Bauhahn
Karl Beach and Teresa Workman
Barbara Belk
Rebecca Bierbaum
Phillip Bohl and Janet Bartels
Bob Boldt
Susan Boren and Steve King
David R. Brink
Richard D. Brunning
Patricia L. LaBerge Fund
Ron and Mary Budd
Krzysztof K. Burhardt and April Spas
William T. Burt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Carlander
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carlsen
E. Jerome and Linda Carlson
Keith and Joan Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Carp
Mr. and Mrs. Benton Case, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Cecil Chally
Sarah and Matt Chaplin
John and Margaret Chipman
Richard Cisek and Kay Fredericks
Dean and Patricia Clarke
Alyce Mae Cranston
Donald Davies
Charles M. Denny, Jr. and Carol E. Denny
Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Mary Dolan - The Longview Foundation
Linda M. Donaldson
Jane and Bill Dudley
Mary Dunnavan and Roger Gross
Jayne and Jim Early
Hugh and Joyce Edmondson
Elftmann Family Foundation
Mr. Paul Englund
John J. Erickson
Renwood and Betty Erickson
Lee Ann and Jeff Ettinger
Mr. George Ewing, Jr.
Mina Fisher and Fritz Nelson
Jorja Fleezanis,
in memory of Michael Steinberg
Patricia R. Freeburg
Roger and Michele Frisch
The Terence Fruth and Mary McEvoy
Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Martha and John Gabbert
Phillip and Bonnie Gainsley
Barbara J. and William D. Gallickson
Nancy and Jack Garland
Lucy Gerold and Bill Svrluga
Rosemary and David Good
Dr. Michael Grouws
Bruce amd Jean Grussing
Nils and Heather Halker
Stephen Jon Hamilton and
Kenneth Huber
Mr. Charles Hample
Bev and Hal Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hauser
Liz and Van Hawn
Neeta Helms
Mike and Annemarie Hess Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Higinbotham
Judith and Walter Hinck
Barbara Walters Hodges
Karen Lundmark Holmes
John* and Jean McGough Holten
Dorothy J. Horns, M.D., and
James P. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Howell, Sr.
Richard and Martha Ingram
Mr. Ray Jacobsen
Aaron and Becka Janse
Truman and Leila Jeffers
The Jeffs
Chandy John
Paul R. Johnson and Jane L. Hogan
Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Johnson
Wayne and Margaret Johnson
Rollins and LeVuo Juhnke
Kristine Legler Kaplan and John Kaplan
Ms. Kathryn Keefer
Warren and Patricia Kelly
William H. and Sarah B. Kling Donor
Advised Fund of the Minnesota
Community Foundation
Dr. Kevin Kooiker
Nancy M. Lange
Manny and Claudette Laureano
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence LeJeune
Stephen and Roxanne Lerum
Ms. Natalie Levin
Delores and Sheldon Levin
Ms. Shirley Levitt
Sy and Ginny Levy Family Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Tom and Rhoda* Lewin
Mrs. Richard C. Lillehei
Phil and Sharon Lindau
In memory of Howard (trombone) and
Barbara (bass) Lindow
Kay Litin
William Lohman
Dr.* and Mrs. William E. Ludwick
Tom Madison
Dr. Susan K. Mahle
Karen Margolis and Robert Simonds
Vera Mariner and Robert R. Neu
Charles N. Marvin, in memory of
Alice Cheek Sanders Marvin
Robert and Wanda McCaa
Donald McCarthy
John and Terri McKeon
Mr. Thomas R. Melchior
Marlys and Robert Melius
Mary and Bob Mersky
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Micallef
William C. Michaelis and
Ellory Christianson
Jim and Linda Milow
Jim and Carol Moller
A full house at Orchestra Hall, seen from the
perspective of Orchestra members.
Photo: Greg Helgeson
Cécile McLorin Salvant charming the crowd
at a sold-out concert of the Jazz at Lincoln
Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis.
Photo: Greg Helgeson
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