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Minnesota Orchestra
I knew I’d make a career in music when:
I first picked up the cello. My piano teacher actually
recommended that I try another instrument since I was
constantly falling asleep at the piano. Since I picked up the cello,
that has never been a problem!
Meet a Musician
Pitnarry Shin
Minnesota Orchestra member
2001 through 2006,
returned full-time in fall 2014
New York City
Curtis Institute of
Music, Yale School of Music
If I weren’t a professional musician I’d be:
Still doing something in the arts.
Earliest musical memory:
Making up songs with my three sisters and then performing them for
our extended family.
What I like best about being a Minnesota Orchestra
I get to make music with colleagues I respect and learn from
every day.
How a mentor most influenced me:
My cello teacher Myung Wha Chung encouraged me to be a
musician. I was inspired by her life; she was surrounded by
great music and music lovers. 
My advice for young musicians:
Practice, practice, practice—but also, don’t forget to have fun with it.
a special
music workshop
The Orchestra’s education staffers had more on their minds than
holiday events last December: they opened the month with a
workshop designed to prepare students of homeschool families to
attend a Young People’s Concert, specifically the “Ferdinand the
Bull” program in January. Jessica Leibfried, the Orchestra’s director
of education and community engagement, led children in hands-
on, interactive experiences that introduced them to a variety of
musical themes, concepts and instruments. To learn about taking
part in a homeschool workshop, or to inquire about setting up an
in-school workshop, contact Jessica Leibfried at 612-371-5650 or
Photo: Jake Armour
Photo courtesy Minnesota Vikings
Did Manny’s music cinch the win? We’ll never know, but we’re glad
nonetheless that when the Vikings asked Principal Trumpet Manny
Laureano to play the national anthem to open the December 7
game, he was able to add this gig to his schedule. Maybe it was
magic: the Vikes shut down the New York Jets, 30-24.
spring beauties
March and April will bring a burst of wonderful,
extraordinarily diverse music—and some of
the year’s greatest highlights. One will be the
beloved musical
, with stellar singer-
actors and dancers joining the Orchestra for four
semi-staged performances. Also superb will be three weekends
of glorious music gathered together under the theme of Spirit
and Spring, with repertoire ranging from Mahler’s
Das Lied von
der Erde
and Stravinsky’s
The Rite of Spring
to Messiaen’s
; pre-concert discussions and post-concert NightCaps in the
Target Atrium offer further enrichment on select evenings. Other
gems to consider: “Beethoven’s Tenth,” launching the season’s
Inside the Classics series, and performances by Eileen Ivers, Chris
Botti, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and more. For tickets and
more information: 612-371-5656 or
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