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In memory of Stephen E. Boller
Nancy M. Lange
In memory of Thomas K. Carpenter
Karen Baker
Ms. Lucy Blackman
Ms. Mary Jeanne Bowen
Will and Margee Bracken
Ms. Carroll C. Cisek
Kathy and Charlie Cunningham
Priscilla Farnham
Bruce and Melanie Flessner
Ms. Joan Gaines
Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg
Polly Grose
Deborah Brown Hanson and
Stephen J. Hanson
Barbara and Marshall Johnson
John and Nancy Lindahl
The Longview Foundation – Ellie Crosby
Elizabeth S. and Whitney MacMillan
Judy and Malcolm W. McDonald Family
Kingsley H. and Katherine Murphy
Betty Myers
Marilyn C. and Glen D. Nelson
Anita M. Pampusch, Ph.D., and
Frank J. Indihar, M.D.
James W. Reagan
Jo Ellen and H.L. Saylor
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
Peter Spokes
Dee and Gordy Sprenger
Fr. Columba Stewart, OSB, and
The Hill Museum & Manuscript
Library Staff
In memory of John Mead Cavert
H. Mead and June S. Cavert
In honor of James and Deborah
William E. Weisman
In honor of Michael Davidovich’s
Ms. Kimberly Maas
In memory of Stephen Desnick
Pam Desnick
Harold and Janet Mortenson
In memory of Kathy Dougherty
Ms. Carol S. Allin
In memory of James Dunn
Kay Sahlin
In honor of Reid Gilbertson
Eunice Gilbertson
In honor of Richard and Marsha
Gould’s Fiftieth Wedding
Judith Tennebaum
In honor of Laurie Greeno
David and Kim Dudick
In memory of Marilyn Hayden
Ann Bauleke
Mr. Mark Beltrand
The Bennies
Agnes Camery
Cynthia Della Santina and
Scott Forsberg
Valerie Anne George
Vincent and Judith Graziano
Mr. and Mrs. Robin Haas
Ms. Barbara Halloran
Geralyn Hayden
Gregory and Kathryn Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Hayden
Paulette Hayden
Regina Hayden
Thomas and Kathryn Hayden
Carol Hergott
Gail Hergott
Marjorie and Wayne Hergott
Victor and Mary Kirsch
Mr. James Kohlmann
Trish Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Mooty
Ms. Jacqueline Pauly
Sean Perillo
Michael Wood
Lee and Carol Woodruff
In honor of Aaron Janse
Susanna and Tim Lodge
In memory of Marjorie Vickland
Ms. Priscilla Englund
Ms. Dorothy Goldie
Lamar and Nancy Popp
In memory of Patricia LeBerge
Arlene M. Besemann
In memory of Sara Livghitz
Tatyana Garelik
Dina and Igor Mikhailenko
In honor of Jill and Nicholas
Ms. Erin Kelley
In memory and affection for
Alice Sanders Marvin
Charles N. Marvin
In memory of Peter McLean
Bea Langford
In memory of Joan Mondale
Mr. Henry Bernstein
Dick Cisek and Kay Fredericks
Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg
In memory of Dale Olseth
Dick Cisek and Kay Fredericks
In honor of Robert G. Peterson
Minnesota Planned Giving Council
In memory of Rosalynd Pflaum
Kathy and Charlie Cunningham
Jane and David Gregerson
Ruth and John Huss
Ms. Jasmine Z. Keller
Mithun Family Foundation
Katherine and Kingsley H. Murphy
Betty Myers
Marilyn C. and Glen D. Nelson
In memory of Samuel Michael
Mr. Alan McFarland
In memory of Ladi J. Stanisha
Ms. Laura Elwood
Ms. Sandra F. Stenzel
In memory of Dr. Robert Vaaler
Meredith and Dick Howell
Ms. Lisa Norby
The Professional Staff at Children’s
Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
In honor of Osmo Vänskä
Anonymous (1)
Mr. Cameron Bradley
Mr. Andrew Brobston
Phyllis Buckwalter
Mr. Curtis Carlson
Mr. Terry R. Carlson
Ms. Sara Cattanach
Scott Chamberlain
Dr. Casey Clausen
Gary B. Cohen
Mr. David Cook
Robert and Sally Dorer
Ms. Julia Douglass
Ms. Ann DuHamel
Jill and Jonathan Eisenberg
Pastor Susan Engh
In honor of Osmo Vänskä
Karin Erickson
Thomas Fitch
Mary Gagnon
MaryAnn Goldstein and
David Benditt, M.D.
Jeff Griffin and Terry Farley
Michelle Hackett
Susan Hartman
Barbara Walters Hodges
Aaron and Becka Janse
Theresa Jozefow
Ms. Adrienne Kinkaid
Rena D. Kraut
Ms. Nita Krevans
Mr. Harold Kurtz
Dr. Katherine Levin
Richard and Melinda Marshall
Mr. Timothy Mason
Ms. Stephanie McCracken
Dr. Martha McCusker
David McKoskey
Greg Milliren and Dan Mollick
Mr. Michael Milliren
Mr. James W. Moudry and
Ms. Carole Kastigar
Sarah Nagle
Mr. J. Shipley Newlin, Jr.
Ms. Becka Ollmann
Mary Pattock
Hazen C. Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. James Proman
Ms. Linda Rasmussen
Mr. David Ross
Kurt and Lesley Ann Rusterholz
Erika Sacks-White
Sue Schiess
Ms. Sarah Schmalenberger
Ms. Jan Scholl
Matthew B. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. David Sipfle
Susan Sophocleus
Arturo L. Steely
Lori Sturdevant and Martin Vos
Jacquelyn Tofte and David Broberg
Ms. Janis Weller
In memory of Ann Zelle
Barbara Bentson
Kathy and Charlie Cunningham
Dr. Stanley M. and Luella G. Goldberg
Jane and David Gregerson
Ms. Lucy Hersey
Mary Alice Mork
Betty Myers
Barbara and Earl Sanford
Joel and Gail Tilsner
Nancy and Ted Weyerhaeuser
Tribute Gifts 2013-14
The Minnesota Orchestra thanks the following individuals and organizations for
making gifts to honor and remember loved ones and friends.
This list reflects Tribute Gifts that were made between September 1, 2013, and August 31, 2014.
Tribute Gifts can be made online at; gifts can be mailed to
Minnesota Orchestra, Attn: Tribute Gifts, 1111 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, MN 55403.
For more information, contact Amanda Schroder at 612-371-7110 or
Richard and Carol Stahl
Loring M. Staples*
Norm* and Norma Steck
Dr. Norman and Betsy Sterrie*
Betty J. Sullivan*
James L. and June A. Swartz
Robert S. Takaichi*
Bruce R. Taylor and Dennis M. Carey
Barbara J. Telander
Paul Rexford Thatcher, Sr.
Charles L. Thiesenhusen, M.D.
Daniel and Trudy Thompson
John* and Marcia Turcotte
David and Janice Tweet
Thyrza Tyrrell*
Joseph and Jean Urista
June and Vern Vendel*
Arnold and Helen Rice* Walker
Kirke W. and Ann Walker*
Mary Frances Walker
Jack and Connie Wallinga
LoRees Wallman
William K. Wangensteen
Donald Weesner*
Drs. George and Marion Welton*
Tom and Arlene Weyl
Richard and Carole Wiederhorn
Joann H. Wildman
John* and Renata Winsor
Laurel and Frank H. Winsor
Elizabeth M. Winston*
Gerald D. (Jay) Woldt
Margie and Woody Woodhouse
Dale and Sandra Wucher
Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Wulling*
Ann and Louis Zelle*
Steven and Rita Zellmer*
Joseph A. and Elizabeth F. Zetah
*In Remembrance
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