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2013-14 Guaranty Fund
Individual Giving
Partner’s Circle
$250 - $499
Anonymous (6)
Mr. Jonathan Ackerman
Kay Acton
Mary Adair and
Gerald Jorgenson
Ms. Carolyn M. Adams
Barbara Ahlstrom
Gary and Patrice Alkire
Susan Alpert
Mary Ellen Alt
Ms. Cheryl Andersen
A. William* and Sally Anderson
Carol Anderson and
Akiyoshi Yonehara
David and Gretchen Anderson
Dr. Richard O. Anderson
Ms. Charlene Antolak
Ms. Sharon Armstrong
Ms. Fran Babbitt
Thomas and Jill Barland
Allen and Andra Barnard
Martha and Don Bates
Mr. Jay Beck
Ms. Longine Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bezdicek
Ms. Carol Bjorklund
Ms. Beth E. Blackledge
David and Diane Blake
Ms. Françoise Blanc
Britany and Jason Bleistein
Curt and Marilyn Bloemendaal
Jean and Gary Blosberg
David Bond
Elaine Boom
Stephen Boruff
Mr. Gerald Bradley
Sigfried and Karna Brewer
George H. Bridgman
Mr. Robert Brinkworth
Lisa L. Brock Gutmanis Brock
Ms. Pat L. Buerkle
Mrs. Barbara Burandt
Meryl Burman
John and Ann Burtis
Ms. Caldwell Camero
Anne Campbell
Joan and Gary Capen
Ms. Gretchen E. Carlson
Mr. Paul Carolan
Tim Caron
Dr. Thomas C. and Anne D.
Robin and Mark Caufman
Dr. Collins Cavender
Dr. Casey Clausen
Gary B. Cohen
Mary Sue Comfort
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Gary Cunningham
John Cushing and Martha Joy
James E. and Gretchen D.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Davini
Mary H. Dawson
Shirley I. Decker
Ms. Margo Dempsey
William Dexheimer Pharris
Karen L. Dingle and
Gene Kremer
Ms. Emily E. Dobbs
Sandra Doberstein
Marilyn Dodge
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Doeden
Nancy and Al Dorris
Stephen Downey
Donald and Heidi Droegemueller
Cheryl and Jeffery DuBois
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Dudley
Holly Duevel
Kevin and Janet Duggins
Stephen and Vickie Dunn
Paul M. Egeland
Greg Eiss
Ms. Sarah Emmel
Mrs. Ruth Engelbert
Mr. Ken Engelhart
Ginny and Doug Ewald
Michael Feldbaum
Steve and Mimi Fisher Family
Fund of The Minneapolis
Mrs. Susan Fleck
Richard and Karen Folden
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Forsberg
Ms. Paula A. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Frank
Bobbie A. Fredsall
Barrie Froseth
Ms. Joan Gaines
Mr. Harry Garfield
Lisa Gault
Mrs. Robert E. Gee
Valerie Anne George
Mr. David Gerdes
Hillel and Celia W. Gershenson
Kate and Justin Gillette
Walter and Raeanna Gislason
Ms. Jean Glanzman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gobel
Ms. Carol Gottesman
Constance Gotthilf
Louis and Eileen Gottwalt
Miss Maureen Gould
Ms. Susan Graber
Anna and Jeffrey Gram
Dr. David W. Grande
Hazen and Kathy Graves
Dwight Grotte and
Tom B. Wilson
Lindsey and Mike Hall
Dale Hammerschmidt and
Mary Arneson
Mr. Paul E. Hansen
Ms. Lorraine Hanson
Ms. Deborah Healey
Kari and Max Heerman
Robert and Joyce Hegstrom
Roy P. and Barbara L. Heinrich
Martha Hickner
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Hilligoss
David Hohmann
Stacie Holden
J. Andrew Holey
Mrs. Phyllis Houlson
Burton Hoverson
Lenice Hoversten
Nancy M. Hovren
YingHui Hsia
Mr. Worth L. Hudspeth
Ellen Hughes
David Hurd
Mrs. S. Aino M. Husen
Ms. Sally Hwang
Mr. and Mrs. Rex A. Ingram
Dwight and Audrey Jaeger
Catherine Johnson
Charlie Johnson
Ms. Dawn Johnson
Dennis and Carole Johnson
Ms. Margaret Johnson
Mr. Mark S. Johnson
Scott and Marjorie Johnson
Fund of The Minneapolis
Susan J. Johnson
Suzanne M. Johnson
Ms. Virginia Johnson
Elizabeth J. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Jordan
Ms. Kate Kallal
Joyce and Jack Kaufman
Mark and Cheryl Kelley
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Kennedy
Ms. Pamela Kildahl
Ms. Judith Kim
James H. and Judith Ann
Andy Kiorpes and Farrel Rich
Dr. Donald W. Klass
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Knutson
Edward and Julie Kocourek
Family Fund of the Catholic
Community Foundation
Karen Koepp
Michael and Harriette Krasnoff
Mr. and Mrs. George Krause
Ms. Nita Krevans
Stan and Marjorie Kroon
Mr. Lindsay Kruh
Rachelle Kuhlmann
Dan and Mary Kupfer
James and Gail LaFave
Ms. Margaret Lambert
Kirk and Jane Landman
Jeff and Anne Walker
Miriam Lay
Charlie and Anne Leck
Lehmann Family Fund of
The Saint Paul Foundation
Ms. Janet C. Leslie
Annalisa and Jon Lewis
Roger and Ellen Lillemoen
Stephen and Janet Lillyblad
Thor B. Lindquist
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Longlet
Nadeen and Mike Lunde
Tom and Theresa Lydon
Mr. Arthur Maass
Bob and Gretchen MacCarty
Julie and Andrew Mackenzie
Joan E. Madden
Barbara and Paul Malamen
Mrs. Robert E. Marlow
Brea Marsh
Charlotte Masica
Mrs. Betty Fletcher Mast
Ms. Ellen Mathelus
Ms. Kay Matousek
Dr. Charles H. and Carolyn
Donald McCarthy
Mike McCormick
Jan McDaniel Cummings
Mr. Alan McFarland
Ms. Darleen McLennon
Robert McNeill
Mrs. Marilyn Mellenthin
Mr. David Meyer
Heather and Lori J. Miller-Shiell
Greg Milliren and Dan Mollick
Mr. James Miner
Joseph M. Mish and
Kathryn Shepel
Ms. Elizabeth Molberg
Michael and Judith Mollerus
Luther and Ivanell Monson
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Montgomery
Richard Moore, Jr.
Mr. Joseph Morgan
Charlotte and Fred Morrison
Harold and Janet Mortenson
Julie Moss
Peter Mulier
John and Marlene Mulrooney
Luke Munroe and
Jessica Brehmer
Michael and Linda Murrell
Vinu and Beth Murthy
Susan J. Myers
Sarah Nagle
Michael Nation and
Janet Sauers
Richard and Joan Navratil
Connie S. Nelson
Ms. Mary Nelson
Dr. Michael T. and Nan Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nelson
William C. Nesheim
Mr. J. Shipley Newlin, Jr.
Jane Newman and Amy Lange
Mr. Tom Nicoski, Sr.
Kathy Noecker
Margaret O’Connor
Patricia O’Gorman
Mr. Ron Okenfuss
Jesse Okie and
Mary Harrington
Ben A. and Rita Olk
Cathryn T. Olson
Karen Olson
Dr. William Olszewski
Rev. Robert A. Onkka
Ruth and Ahmad Orandi
Mandee Page
Mr. Derrill Pankow
Randall K. Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie J. Paulsen
Mrs. Paula Pendleton
Mr. and Mrs. DeWayne
Naomi Peterson
Mr. Robert G. Peterson
Willis + Dorothy Peterson Fund
Joseph Plut
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony E.
Robert Pollmann
Dr. Richard E. and Meredith B.
Sheila M. Pratt
Mrs. Nancy Priedeman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Primuth
Michael and Charito Rabe
Norma Randby
Luther Ranheim and
Michelle Wirtz
Linda Raw
Mr. and Mrs. Segwald Reckdahl
Ruth Redhead
Drs. Warren Regelmann and
Marilyn Joseph
Dora and John Rettger
Ms. Sara Richardson
Erick Ricker
Paul and Joyce Riedesel
Damien and Paige Riehl
Art and Charlotte Rimmereid
Lawrence Risser
Skip Ristvedt
Barbara and Wallace Ritchie
Duane J. Rivard
Mr. John Roberts
Ms. Diane Rosenwald
Ms. Leann Runke
Mr. John C. Sailor
Ms. Sandra D. Sandell
Ms. Stephanie Sarich
Mr. Mark Sauceman
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schelin
Dr. Suzanne Schermerhorn
Stephen Schewe
Kathleen S. Schier
Mr. Kenneth J. Schram
Bob and Linda Schreiner
Russell Schroedl
Robert and Mary Schuette
Mr. David Schwarz and
Dr. Daniel Hayes
Ms. Virginia M. Sellberg
Lucy and Stanley Shepard
Mr. Robert B. Singer
Elaine Sloan and Ross Moen
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Smith
Mr. Ernie Smith
Dr. and Mrs. James C. Smith
Patricia A. Solie
Larry Souther
Meg and Jerry Spartz
Michael and Sherry Spence
Mr. Dennis Spooner
Mrs. Kathleen Stechmann
Ms. Rosa Stein
Glenn and Mary Steinke
Mr. William Sternberg
Mr. W. B. Stevens
Liba Stillman
Mr. William F. Stolzman
Mr. Yosh Sudo
Mr. Donald Swanson
Mr. William Sweeney
Glenn and Rebecca Taibl
Jeanne and Steven Tanamachi
Ms. Vaida Tautvaisaite
Sarah Tengblad and
Luke Warren
Bob and Dorothy Tengdin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tennessen
Norm Toensing
Dr. and Mrs. C. Dwight Townes
Susan Travis
Ms. Jane Trosdahl
Richard and Jaye Vaaler
Peter B. Vaill
Rick and Marian Van Dellen
James and Ruth Van Meter
Richard Vasterling
Mr. John E. Vilandre
William Voedisch and
Laurie Carlson
Karl and Lorraine Vollstedt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L.
Elaine Walker
Mr. Hengbing Wang
Mr. and Mrs. William Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Warland
Jack and Janice Warren
Ruth and David Waterbury
Mr. David Watkins
Kevin Watkins
Mr. David Wedel
Harvey R. Weesner Charitable
Trust Fund
Christine and Stan Weinberger
Dr. and Mrs. E. Kenneth Weir
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Weissler
Ms. Kimberly Weum
Nancy Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. John Wicks
Cornie and Betty Ann Wiens
Wendy Wildung
Mr. Robert R. Wilke
Julie and Gregory Williams
Alex and Marguerite Wilson
Herbert and Carolyn Winslow
Ms. Barbara Wood
Tsippi Wray and
Lawrence W. Pry
Douglas and Laurinda Sager
Mary S. Yee
Ms. Thea Zatocil
Dr. and Mrs. Alvin S. Zelickson
Mr. Jason Ziebarth
*In Remembrance
These lists include gifts made for the Minnesota Orchestra’s 2013-14 fiscal year, September 1, 2013, to August 31, 2014. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy.
If your name has been inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed, please accept our apology and contact the Development department at 612-371-5600 or
For information on giving at these or other levels, please call Sarah Blain Chaplin at 612-371-5687 or visit the giving pages on our website,
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