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music in the com
Truman and Leila Jeffers
Chandy John
Paul R. Johnson and Jane L. Hogan
Rollins and LeVuo Juhnke
Kristine Legler Kaplan and John Kaplan
Ms. Kathryn Keefer
Dr. Kevin Kooiker
Patricia L. LaBerge Fund
Mike LaFontaine
Nancy M. Lange
Manny and Claudette Laureano
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence LeJeune
Stephen and Roxanne Lerum
Delores and Sheldon Levin
Ms. Shirley Levitt
Kay Litin
William Lohman
Dr.* and Mrs. William E. Ludwick
Tom Madison
Dr. Susan K. Mahle
Karen Margolis and Robert Simonds
Vera Mariner and Robert R. Neu
Charles N. Marvin, in memory of
Alice Cheek Sanders Marvin
Robert and Wanda McCaa
Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. McNabb
Carolyn and Charles Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Micallef
Jim and Linda Milow
Alfred and Anne Moore
Mr. George Muellner
Katherine and
Kingsley H. Murphy
Keith Nelsen
Nelson, Tietz & Hoye
Doug and Sue Nelson
Jim Nelson and Nancy Ballsrud
Ms. Marybeth Nelson
Russ Nelson
Kurt and Sandra Niederluecke
Dr. Franklin C. Norman
Sandy Okinow
Cully and Cindy Olmanson
Charles and Ruth Olson
John Orbison and
Holly MacDonald
Stephen H. Otto
Mary Claire Owen
Robert J. Owens
Aaron Peloquin
Shelly Peterson
Lawrence Pitsch and Gail Gresser
Patricia Ploetz
Richard and Arlene Pontinen
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Pulles
Lois Quam
Barbara and William Read
Mr. and Mrs.* James W. Reagan
Lawrence M. Redmond
Jeffrey and Martha Rice
Sandra and John* Roe
Michael and Tamara Root
Kenneth and Marian Rose
Kurt and Lesley Ann Rusterholz
Donald and Mary Anne Ryks
Amy Sadoff and Richard Launer
Luke Schallinger
Debra Schipper
Deborah and Allan Schneider
Matthew B. Schroeder
Ron and Janet Schutz
Ms. Gale Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sherman
John and Rebecca Shockley
Mr. John Sielaff
Ms. Madeline Simon
Matthew Smith and Lauren Stringer
Roger Snape
Mr. Ray Sobocinski
Janet* and Peter Spokes
Steven and Gwen Starr
Ms. Julie Stewart
Nancy and John Strom
James Tallon and Bonnie Labosky
Ms. Barbara Telander
E. Scott Thatcher
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Van Tassel
Jorge Velosa
Ms. Paula Vesely
Mr. Carl Voss
Catherine R. and Steven Webster
Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial
The Whitney Foundation
Carole and Rick Wiederhorn
Bill and Margi Wiest
Frances and Frank Wilkinson
Barbara Winthrop
Michael Wunsch
Eric and Joann Ludeman Yost
Artist’s Circle
$500 - $999
Anonymous (5)
Eric Aanenson
Charlotte Althoff
Lucille Amis
Lois Anderson
Susan and Lloyd Armstrong
Jo and Gordon Bailey, Jr.
Elizabeth and Michael Balay
Ms. Janet Balej
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Balik
Mr. Laird H. Barber
Ms. Dawn Bazarko
Donald and Mary Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Betchkal
Lee and Toni Bjorklund
Mr. Alex Blanco
Ms. Susan J. Blumentals
Karen Bolstad
Isobel Brown
John and Nancy Burbidge
Martha A. and Ronald F.
Tim Carlson
Mr. Edward Carter
John and Anne Caruso
Gerald and Marilyn Cathcart
H. Mead and June S. Cavert
Mrs. Cynthia Chapman
Taichi Chen and
Robin Bogucki-Chen
Dorothy Phillips Cina
Ms. Emily Clausman
Cleveland Family Foundation
Mrs. Kay Constantine
Linton and Carol Corruccini
Jeffrey and Dawn Daehn
Tom E. Davis
Pam Desnick
Steve and Janet Dietrich
Jim and Linda Duncan
Jayne and Jim Early
Randall Egan
Karin Erickson
Renwood and Betty Erickson
Karen A. Feller
Susan K. Fisher
Ms. Susan Fleege
Bruce and Melanie Flessner
Connie Foote Family Fund of
The Saint Paul Foundation
Mrs. Charles R. Foster
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Fox
Bonnie and William Frels
Lee Galda and
Anthony Pellegrini
Christine and Jon Galloway
Kenneth D. Garlock
Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Goodrich
Polly B. Gordon
Curt and Beth Gray
Jack and Marlys Gray
Dr. James Greenleaf
Susan Gross
Dale and Sue Hadland
Nils and Heather Halker
William H. Halverson
David and Miriam Hanson
Ms. Mollie K. Harper
Dr. John D. Heefner
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J.
Merrimon and Carol Hipps
Ms. Kay Hoffland
David and Marjorie Hols
James and Ann Howard
Mr. Robert Howard
John and Judith Howe
Julianne and Doug Hunter
Margaret Hunter and
Doug Wallace
Jerome B. and Judith Ingber
Ingleman Donor Advised Fund
of the Women’s Foundation
of Minnesota
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Intveld
Ms. Mariellen J. Jacobson
Mr. and Mrs. Darold Johnson
Kay and Ray Johnson
David Jones and
Kathleen Pfaffinger
Dr. and Mrs. Martin Kaplan
Dr. Markle Karlen
William E. and Jeannine L.
Ms. Elizabeth Kipp
Tim and Karen Klevar
William H. and Sarah B. Kling
Donor Advised Fund of
the Minnesota Community
Marion L. Koehler
Colleen Krebs
Matt Kucharski
Ms. Kathleen Lamb
Mara Lambrecht
Lora Landers
Wendy and Gordon Legge
Drs. Richard and Joan Lentz
Susan and Samuel Lewis
Marshall Lichty and
Katie Weiss
Ms. Rebecca Lindholm
Susanna and Tim Lodge
Ms. Nancy Lohmann
Ms. W. J. Lukaszewski
H. William Lurton Foundation
Margret Lydell
Mrs. Karen Macmurdo
Mr. and Mrs. Helmut Maier
George and Mary Ellen
Ron and Mary Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J.
Thomas and Mary McKeown
Thomas and Joan Mears
Bonita Melting
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Mencel
Forrest and Joan Meyer
Mrs. Walter S. Meyers*
David J. Miller and Mary Dew
Inar and Susan Morics
John and Anne Munholland
Mason and Gwen Myers
Ms. Marion Namenwirth
Merritt C. Nequette
Ann Newhall and
Richard Schleuss
Mr. and Mrs. James W. O’Hara
Dennis Olson
Ms. Evy Olson
Neil and Gail Olszewski
Marvin and Donna Ortquist
Mark and Dierdre Palmer
Mrs. Ruth Paulson
Ruby A. Pediangco and
Matt L. Shumway
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Peitso
Ann and Robert Perkins
Mr. David Peterson
Harvey and Joanne Peterson
John and Joan Petroff
Stephen R. and Ann M. Pflaum
Anne D. Pick
Edward Pickett and Jan Leach
John and Norma Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Pladson
John and Anne Polta
Mr. and Mrs. James Proman
Amna Quereshi
James and Donna Radford
Mr. Ben Rasmussen
James M. Richards
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rocknem
John and Dorothy* Roos
Mr. Ryan Rosa
Jeffrey and Esther Saarela
Dr. and Mrs. Leon Satran
Mary Schaefle and
Steve Baranski
Sue Schiess
Bernie and Jane Schmitt
Dr. Martin A. Segal
Wm. and Margaret Selfridge
Richard and Mary Shapiro
Lynda and Frank Sharbrough
Mr. Gregory Shaughnessy
Sherilyn Sheroian
Mrs. Lois R. Siegel
Morton and Artice Silverman
Ms. Lisa P. Sinclair
Marilynn and Arthur Skantz
Mr. Evan Skillman
Mrs. Dolores Speidel
William and Renate Sperber
Ms. Diane Sprague
George and Betty Kay Stein
Mike Stolz
Joanne Strakosch
Ms. Dorothy L. Swanson*
H.R. and Elaine Swanson
Mrs. Kent E. Swanson
Harry and Ginny Sweatt
Mary Ann Tellers
Brian W. Thomas
Kathleen Thorn
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Robert and Marie Tufford
Nick Van Duzee
Bernie and Jan Wagnild
John Wald and
Marianne T. Remedios
Ms. Helen Wallace
Tim and Andrea Walsh
Elisa Warhol
Nancy and Doug Watkins
Marcia Wattson
Pamela R. Weston
Carl and Barbara White
Tim Wicker and Carolyn Deters
Mr. Robert Wiese
Roma Witzig
Nicole and Kirt Woodhouse
Ms. Mary Ellen Zachman
Aks and Sri Zaheer
Timothy C. Zerface
A violinist in training getting pointers from
Orchestra violist Kenneth Freed during
the Common Chords residency in Hibbing.
Photo: Travis Anderson
Charles and Rut
Orchestra member Kate Nettleman,
center, with Joanne Von Blon and Margee
Bracken at the Maestro’s Circle party.
Photo: Greg Helgeson
Concertmaster’s Circle
$1,000 - $2,499
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