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Violinist Sedra Bistodeau,
winner of YPSCA’s 2012 School
Music Auditions, shone in a
movement of Sibelius’ Violin
Concerto at the first Young
People’s (YP) Concerts in the renovated Orchestra Hall.
YP concerts such as “The Rite of Spring,” featuring the
Lauren Stringer story
When Stravinsky Met Nijinsky
drew busloads of students—who were expertly guided to
their seats by YPSCA ushers including Nancy Peters.
Friends of the Minnesota
Orchestra generously
sponsored the Friends &
Family Concert series and
hosted Discovery Stations in
the lobby. With the help of
Friends members including
Hue Alexander, children
experienced the thrill of playing real orchestral instruments. Friends
volunteers also contributed
thousands of hours via
Kinder Konzerts, the
Fanfare program and
Accent Lifelong Learning,
for which one program
featured Orchestra violinist
David Brubaker.
A Common Chords residency in Hibbing in May spanned some 20 performances, rehearsals
and workshops around town and culminated in a full-orchestra concert conducted by
Courtney Lewis at Hibbing High School’s grand auditorium. In engaging sessions led by
Lewis, Ellen Dinwiddie Smith, Steven Campbell and other musicians, students were eager
to ask and answer questions and soak up every aspect of the experience.
Five upper photos: Greg Helgeson
Photo: Marian Hoffman
Common Chords photos: Travis Anderson
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Minnesota Orchestra
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