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Vanessa Thomas
, vocals
Soprano Vanessa Thomas performs regularly in concerts and
recitals nationwide, singing in a variety of styles that showcase
her four-octave range. She appeared
at Orchestra Hall most recently
in April 2014, singing in Doc
Severinsen’s “Solid Gold” concerts.
She has performed with such
notable players as Ed Shaughnessy,
Mike Matheny and Gary Foster, and
she was recently featured in the
premiere of Kireky Mechem’s opera
John Brown
Joseph Wolverton
, vocals
Tenor Joseph Wolverton has sung with major companies
across the U.S. and Europe, including Seattle Opera,
Washington Opera, Finnish
National Opera and Théâtre
Royal de la Monnaie. He has also
been heard with the Chicago
Symphony and Detroit Symphony,
among other ensembles, and last
performed with the Minnesota
Orchestra in April 2014 “Solid
Gold” concerts. In coming months
he will appear with Opera Grand
Rapids and Opera Holland Park.
19, 21
Jingle Bell Doc
s o p r a n o
Sommer Anderson
Jill H. Apple
Erin Berg
Kate Biederwolf
Deborah Carbaugh*
Janelle Disrud
Alyssa Ellson
Amanda K. Fitze
Julia Frost
Sharanya Johnson
Juliann Kunkel
Lorin Leake
Cheryl F. LeBlanc
Michelle Liebl*
Wendy Lukaszewski
Randi Lundell
Barbara Temme
Amy Madson
Anna Maher
Mary Mann
Jessica Mehlhoff
Elizabeth Pauly*
Lynn Pauly
Ann M. Sather
Clare M. Sorman
Polly Strege
Deborah Croker
Eryn Tvete
Cassandra Utt
Lola R. Watson*
Jan Wenndt
Carole Whitney
Keelin Yenney
a l t o
Judy Arnstein
Michelle Braun
Rachel Buchberger
Debra Lynn Dallin
Deanne Dohrman*
Michelle Hackett
Judith Harvey
Dee Hein
Katherine Scholl
Jennifer Lund
Suzanne Kennedy*
Heather Kurtz
Ginger Mateer
Linda J. Nygren
Clara Osowski*
Molly Palmer
Sharon Cogley
Erica Perl
Sarah Prindiville
Deborah E.
Teresa S. Rowe
Sue Tuthill Schiess
Diane Schroeder
Elizabeth Sullivan*
Suzanne Wiebusch
t e n o r
Eric Alman
Mark Bergaas
Donn Cook*
Benjamin G. Cooper
Gary Cunningham
Dana M. Dostert
James Haugan
Tom Knabel
Spike Maiden
Geoff Michael
Kevin Navis
Richard O’Connor
Bill Pederson*
Mark Pladson
David W. Schwarz
Brandyn Tapio
John (Ty) Wottrich
b a s s
Andrew Beard
Scott Chamberlain
James J. D’Aurora
Allen F. Effenberger
Karl Gilbertson
Stephen Hughes
Benjamin Kucera
Jon C. Lahann*
Robert J. Magil
Anthony Manfredi
Robert Oganovic
Robin Partch
David Peterson
Steve Pratt
Bruce Robbins
Robert Rynkiewicz
Eric Schlotterbeck
Bob Simon
Andrew Stoebig*
Reilly Tillman
Rick Treece
Russ Vander Wiel
Karl Wahoske
* section leaders
Minnesota Chorale
Kathy Saltzman Romey
, artistic director
Barbara Brooks
, accompanist and artistic advisor
Profile appears on page 26.
Twin Cities Bronze
Amy Maakestad
, artistic and music director
Bonnie Tranby
, associate director
Twin Cities Bronze, a frequent participant in holiday concerts
with the Minnesota Orchestra and Doc Severinsen, is a
handbell ensemble of advanced ringers from throughout
the Twin Cities metro area known for its energetic and
visually appealing performance style. The ensemble,
which plays without a conductor, shares its knowledge of
handbells through innovative performances and education
workshops both locally and throughout the country. More:
Mark Anderson
Alyssa Boock
Deb Garvey
Kate Graber
Rachel Hirsch
Christopher Johnson
Jeni Jonett
Amy Maakestad
Patti Munter
Andy Schultz
Becky Stever
Bonnie Tranby
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