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Minnesota Orchestra
Favorite composer:
For me it’s hard to go past Beethoven. There’s a sense of struggle
that pervades his music which I find both incredibly challenging
and immensely rewarding.
Lately I’m listening to:
The great MPR stations. It’s wonderful to have good classical
music playing on public radio!
Meet a Musician
Cecilia Belcher
Minnesota Orchestra member
September 2014
second violin
St. Louis, Missouri
Cleveland Institute
of Music; Shepherd School of
Music at Rice University
What I like best about being a Minnesota Orchestra
My colleagues are not only amazing musicians, they’re also wonderful
people, and it’s a pleasure to make music with them. Also, I’m blown
away by the relationship between the musicians of the Orchestra and
the audience. It’s fantastic to perform for such an appreciative and
enthusiastic crowd.
Favorite thing about performing music:
The connections that can be made between people in the moment.
Being a part of a great orchestra like the Minnesota Orchestra, whose
musicians trust and really listen to each other, allows for some very
magical moments.
Performances I’m looking forward to:
There are so many highlights this season, but as a violinist, I think
February will be great, with back-to-back weeks of stellar violin
soloists, Augustin Hadelich and Gil Shaham.
Other interesting facts:
I’m having lots of fun discovering all that the Twin Cities have
to offer. I love walking around the lakes and exploring the many
wonderful outdoor activities. I’m excited (and a bit terrified) to
experience a serious Minnesotan winter! Already thinking about
getting cross-country skis…
It’s not too soon to plan heart-warming
activities for what will likely be the
coldest spell of the season. January and
February bring plenty of possibilities,
especially with this year’s Shakespeare
Winterfest—five different programs
offering fare as familiar as beloved
Romeo and Juliet-themed selections
and as rare as a suite Osmo Vänskä has
just assembled from Sibelius’ incidental
music to The Tempest, with narration
by none other than the Guthrie’s Joe
Dowling. The concerts bookending these
programs are also significant: our first
Future Classics concert since Kevin Puts
was appointed director of the Composer
Institute, and the always-amazing Verdi
Requiem, complete with soloists and the
Minnesota Chorale. Call 612-371-5656
or visit for
tickets or more information.
simplified giving, greater benefits
the sustaining guarantor way
If you’re among the many donors who consistently make annual charitable
contributions in December, this is the perfect time to consider a simple, steady
giving plan with considerable benefits to the Orchestra. Become a Sustaining
Guarantor—donating to the Guaranty Fund in automatic monthly installments
rather than one lump sum—and spare the Orchestra a range of administrative
costs. Some donors even discover they are able to make a larger annual gift this
way. The time-tested process is easy to initiate: donors commit to a recurring
monthly credit card charge, debit card deduction or bank account withdrawal.
The plan stays in place until you choose to change it, which is also easy. Perhaps
most important: you’re giving greater support to the music.
Longtime donor Penny Hunt (right) says it beautifully: “I’m
delighted to support the Minnesota Orchestra as a Sustaining
Guarantor and a proud new member of the Maestro’s Circle.
Making monthly gifts is easy and convenient for me, and I love
the fact that I support the Orchestra throughout the year. It’s
been a great experience, and I urge everyone to consider becoming
a Sustaining Guarantor. Together we’ll bring great music to our community!”
Visit or call 612-371-7110 to become a
Sustaining Guarantor.
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