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Minnesota Orchestra
common chords
In mid-September Bemidji hosted the Orchestra for a weeklong
residency filled with engaging Common Chords activities, including
everything from school workshops to jam sessions and full-
orchestra performances—Inside the Classics, Young People’s and
evening classical concerts. The 30-plus events included a visit to the
Headwaters School of Music, where violist Gareth Zehngut assisted a
student (above). Also shown: violinist Jean Marker De Vere and
flutist Greg Milliren giving pointers to community orchestra
musicians at Bemidji State University; and percussionist Brian Mount
offering a most dramatic introduction to the music for a Kinder
Konzert audience at the Bemidji Public Library.
i n t r i b u t e
Stephen Paulus
Music lovers the world over are mourning the death of
composer Stephen Paulus on October 19, some 15 months
after he suffered a severe stroke; he was 65 years old. In
the Twin Cities, where he had lived since early childhood,
he was known and loved not only for his music, but also for
his friendliness, his readiness to nurture others, his wit and
his joyful approach to learning
something new at every turn.
Stephen Paulus had a long and
fruitful relationship with the
Minnesota Orchestra. For four
years, beginning in 1983, he
was our Composer in Residence,
sharing the post with Libby Larsen;
this was just a decade after he
and Larsen had cofounded the
American Composers Forum. Major works he would write
on commission for the Orchestra ultimately included the
Concerto for Orchestra (1983), Ordway Overture (1985,
celebrating the opening of the St. Paul venue), Symphony in
Three Movements (1986),
, for Chorus and Orchestra,
on poems of Rilke (1998), the Concerto for Two Trumpets
premiered by Doc Severinsen and Manny Laureano (2003),
the monumental oratorio
To Be Certain of the Dawn
, with
librettist Michael Dennis Browne (2005), and
Jazz Soloists and Orchestra, co-composed with his son Greg
Paulus (2011). Along the way he composed many additional
pieces applauded by Orchestra audiences, from fanfares for
special occasions to
Sweep Dreams
for Kinder Konzerts.
We are grateful to Stephen Paulus for every note of his music
and for his many additional contributions to our community
and world. Please join us in extending to his family, especially
wife Patty Paulus and sons Greg and Andrew, our condolences
on his loss, and our support as we continue to celebrate him
though his music.
Photo: Sharolyn Hagen
Photos: Greg Helgeson
In November the Board of Directors
dropped the “Interim” in Kevin Smith’s
title, making him President and CEO of the
Minnesota Orchestral Association, which
he had served in a transitional capacity
since July. The news was greeted with
smiles by musicians, staff and members
of the community who have worked with
Smith over recent months, strengthening
bonds with constituents and encouraging
increased support for the Orchestra through
donations as well as concert attendance.
Smith is well known for elevating the
Minnesota Opera to the ranks of top
American opera companies over
25 years as its President and CEO, and for
his leadership role with the Ordway Center-
based Arts Partnership.
welcome to our new CEO:
Kevin Smith
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