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Liz O’Neal, president of
Crescendo Project
tells us what this lively
group is all about.
Q: What can you tell us about
Crescendo Project?
Crescendo Project is a young patrons
group founded in 2007 to involve
more young people with all the kinds
of excitement that are part of a major
symphony orchestra—specifically, our
own Minnesota Orchestra. In a nutshell,
Crescendo builds broad and deep
relationships by engaging young people
in fun and unexpected ways. Besides
gathering groups to come to concerts,
we have pre-concert happy hours and
after parties where our members can
get acquainted with the conductors,
soloists and, above all, our own Orchestra
musicians. We’ve also hosted a great
variety of “Behind the Scenes” events, for
guaranty fund
Individuals 2014-15
meet a
Crescendo Project
Liz O’Neal, left, at a post-concert reception last
March with Andrew Litton, who guest conducted,
and fellow Crescendo Project members Emily
Clausman and Julia Jenson.
instance, learning what it takes to audition
for a major orchestra, engaging in a musical
trivia contest with Trivia Mafia or even
sitting in on a live taping for Classical MPR!
Q: What’s your own experience and your
current role with Crescendo Project? 
I’m a violinist, and I grew up with my
parents bringing me to symphony concerts.
When I moved to Minnesota, I heard we
had a world-class orchestra and wanted
to become involved. I found Crescendo
through the Minnesota Orchestra’s website
and decided to check it out. After my
first CP event, I knew this was a special
organization that I wanted to be a part of.
The passion and energy among this group
is exciting! I’ve volunteered with Crescendo
for six years and am in my second year as
the group’s president.
Q: What does Crescendo have
planned for the coming season—
and how can someone get involved?
Our season kicks off with a pre-concert
reception at the “Starry, Starry Night” Gala
on September 5, with more events to follow
throughout the season. I encourage people
to visit our web site, minnesotaorchestra.
org/cp, and our Facebook page for event
details, updates, volunteer opportunities
and much more information. And by all
means, come to one of our events, see for
yourself and join in the excitement!
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