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How did you start to love music?
As a high school student in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, I
had the opportunity to participate in a choir program led by
a great director, and the repertoire we performed gave me
an introduction to great classical music. My mother was a
musician, too—she directed two church choirs. In the late
’50s my family purchased our first phonograph player, and
the first recording I listened to—over and over again—was
of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto No. 1. I practically wore out
the record! Then, as a student at St. Olaf College, I studied to
classical music on WCAL, which was affiliated with St. Olaf.
Now we’ve been Minnesota Orchestra ticket holders for more
than 40 years, since 1971.
I grew up in a very musical family on a farm in
Iowa. My parents loved music and expected everyone in
the family to play in the school band. I played a number of
instruments—piano, accordion, clarinet and percussion. The
music we were exposed to wasn’t always classical, but playing
our instruments together as a family at home, we were always
engaged in making and loving music.
Tell us a little about your own family.
Our three children (two sons and a daughter) were raised
appreciating music. The reason we have a baby grand piano,
won at Symphony Ball silent auction many years ago, is
that our son was a young pianist. We now take delight in
watching our grandchildren discover music. We shared
a CD of classical music with our daughter, who plays it
while chauffeuring our grandson to and from school.
He already knows his favorite pieces:
Fanfare for the Common Man
Another little occurrence that made us happy: we
recently purchased tickets for our son and daughter-
in-law to attend an evening Sommerfest concert at
Orchestra Hall. We all came downtown together,
and while they attended the concert, we took
care of our 20-month-old granddaughter. The
most delightful moment of the evening occurred
when we came back to Orchestra Hall before the
concert was over and watched the video monitor
in the lobby. Our granddaughter was watching the
live feed from onstage and became transfixed by
the performance. Our new generation of concert
attendees is eager to head into Orchestra Hall!
What is your philanthropic vision, your overall approach
to giving?
We raised our family to think of it this way: from whom much
has been given, much is expected. We firmly believe that if we
have the means to support organizations in our community,
we have an obligation to do so. In addition to the Orchestra,
we support organizations that are important to us in the areas
of health care and education, and our church.
What do you most enjoy about being Maestro’s Circle
We greatly appreciate the interactions we have in the Green
Room and at other events, with friends who are like-minded
in wanting to support a great orchestra. And we enjoy
associating with people who have their hearts in the right
place and see our Orchestra as integral to the community. We
are so fortunate to have strengthened existing friendships
and developed new ones over the years that we’ve been part
of the Maestro’s Circle.
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