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Concertmaster’s Circle
$1,000 - $2,499
guaranty fund
Individuals 2014-15
*In Remembrance
Bill and Barbara Pearce Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Gary N. and Barbara J. Petersen
Nancy Pflager Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pohlad
Nii Quaye
Judith and David Ranheim
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ringer
Thomas D. and Nancy J. Rohde
Jon and Jennifer Salveson
Earl S. and Barbara Flanagan Sanford
Mendon F. Schutt Family Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Miriam A. Seim
Mr. Allen Sever
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Mary Sigmond
Dr. Kathleen Kay Simo
Douglas and Katherine Skor
William Slobotski and Celeste Mazur
Jacqueline Smith
Robert Snyder
Arne and Patricia Sorenson
Matthew Spanjers
Mrs. Harriet Spencer
Dr. Michael Spilane
Arturo L. Steely
Dr. John and Jennifer Stoltenberg
Donald F. and Virginia H. Swanson
Marsha and Gary Tankenoff
Mary Hershberger Thun and
David Thun
Ms. Marcia Townley
Josephine Trubek
Emily Anne and Gedney* Tuttle
Erik van Kuijk
Trish and Ed Vaurio
Joanne and Philip* Von Blon
Ed and Carol Wagner
Mrs. Murray B. Walker
Dr. Lawrence* and Dee Weaver
Jo and Howard Weiner
The William and Barbara Welke
Charitable Fund
Mr. Jerry A. Wenger
The Whitney Foundation
Carole and Rick Wiederhorn
Dodd and Ginger Wilson
John Windhorst
John and Renata Winsor Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Ray C. Witter
Peg and Dick Woellner
Dr. James A. Zeese
Mr. and Mrs. Louis N. Zelle*
These listings are current as of August 8, 2014. Every effort has been made to ensure their accuracy. If your name has been inadvertently omitted or incorrectly listed,
please accept our apology and contact the Development department at 612-371-5600 or
Anonymous (2)
Alden and Elizabeth (Bette) Abraham
Charitable Gift Fund
Meredith B. Alden
Aloysius Foundation
Dr. Thomas and Donna Alt
Ms. Beverly S. Anderson
Caroline H. Anderson
Karon E. Armstrong
Arnar Family Fund
Michael and Susan Arnold
Howard B. Atkin, M.D.
Mr. Donald Ausemus
Carole and Doug Baker
Rosalyn Baker
Winifred W. Banktson
Diana J. Barber
Mrs. Ruth E. Bauhahn
Karl Beach and Teresa Workman
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Beard
Barbara Belk
Stephen and Margaret Blake
Joyce and Charles* Blomquist
George B. and Mary A. Bodem
Bob Boldt
Noah and Laura Borst
Jan and Ellen Breyer
Bob and Carolyn Brix
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Bromer
Don and Cindy Brooks
Richard D. Brunning
Vicki and Mark Brunsvold
Ron and Mary Budd
Krzysztof K. Burhardt and April Spas
William T. Burt
Ms. Ellen Butler
Carmen and Jim Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Carlander
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Carlsen
Dr. Bruce M. and Jean Carlson
E. Jerome and Linda Carlson
Keith and Joan Carlson
Robert and Nancy S. Carlson
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Carp
Mary and Paul Cederberg
John and Margaret Chipman
Richard Cisek and Kay Fredericks
Dean and Patricia Clarke
Ms. Janna Conant
Dr. James E.* and Gisela Corbett
Lucia Lahiff Crane
Alyce Mae Cranston
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Crosby
Charles M. Denny, Jr. and Carol E. Denny
Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Richard and Lucille DeRemee
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Dixon*
Kate and Douglas Donaldson
Linda Donaldson
Linda M. Donaldson
Mindy Dragisich and Brad Walz
Jane and Bill Dudley
Elizabeth Dunnavan
Mary Dunnavan and Roger Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Echtenkamp
Karla Ekdahl and Peter Hutchinson
Elftmann Family Foundation
Sidney W. and Vicki Emery
Mr. Paul Englund
John J. Erickson
Lee Ann and Jeff Ettinger
Mr. George Ewing, Jr.
Corrine and Thomas Feinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Field
Mina Fisher and Fritz Nelson
Clifford C. Fortin, Ph.D.*
Cynthia Freedman
B.J. French,
in memory of John D. French
Carole and Roger Frommelt
The Terence Fruth and
Mary McEvoy Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Nancy and Jack Garland
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Gauck
Marty and Dan Gilbert
Candyce and Dale Glomsrud
Rosemary and David Good
Mr. and Mrs. Leon R. Goodrich
John and Lynn Goodwyne
Laurie H. Greeno
Dr. Michael Grouws
Barbara Gullickson
Donald and Marion Hall
William Halverson
Stephen Jon Hamilton and
Kenneth Huber
Mr. Charles Hample
Susan and Tom Handley
Philip M. and Margaret S. Harder Fund of
The Minneapolis Foundation
Jessie Harper and Mick Benson
Bev and Hal Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Hauser
Liz and Van Hawn
In memory of Susan E. Heckler, Ph.D.
Neeta Helms
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Higinbotham
Judith and Walter Hinck
Barbara Walters Hodges
Karen Lundmark Holmes
Spencer and Nancy Holmes
John* and Jean McGough Holten
Dorothy J. Horns, M.D., and
James P. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Howell, Sr.
Heinz Hutter and Dr. Bianca Fine
Mary Ingebrand-Pohlad
Richard and Martha Ingram
Mr. Ray Jacobsen
Aaron and Becka Janse
Truman and Leila Jeffers
Chandy John
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Johnson
Dale W. and Patricia E. Johnson
Donetta Johnson
Paul R. Johnson and Jane L. Hogan
Rollins and LeVuo Juhnke
Kristine Legler Kaplan and
John Kaplan
Philip and Nicole Kaufman
Bob and Andrea Kircher
William H. and Sarah B. Kling Donor
Advised Fund of the Minnesota
Community Foundation
Dr. Kevin Kooiker
Dr. Lester* and Joan Krogh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Kueppers
Patricia L. LaBerge Fund
Mary Lach
Mike LaFontaine
Joan and Joe* Lapensky
Lois James Larson
Manny and Claudette Laureano
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence LeJeune
Stephen and Roxanne Lerum
Delores and Sheldon Levin
Ms. Shirley Levitt
Mrs. Richard C. Lillehei
Nancy and Clarkson Lindley
Kay Litin
William Lohman
Peggy and David Lucas
Dr.* and Mrs. William E. Ludwick
Andrew and Ellen Luger
Dr. Caliann Lum
Ms. Sherry F. Lund and
Mr. Charles B. Lounsbury
Nancy and Ron MacKenzie
W. Duncan and Nivin MacMillan
Tom Madison
Stephen and Kathi Austin Mahle
Dr. Susan K. Mahle
Karen Margolis and Robert Simonds
Vera Mariner and Robert R. Neu
Charles N. Marvin, in memory of Alice
Cheek Sanders Marvin
Robert and Wanda McCaa
Donald W. McCarthy
Dick and Joyce H. McFarland Family
Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Todd P. McNabb
Robert and Roberta Megard
Jim and Linda Milow
Bob and Lucy Mitchell
Jim and Carol Moller
Alfred and Anne Moore
Tom and Conchy Morgan
Jack and Chris Morrison
Mr. George Muellner
Ms. Katherine Murphy and
Mr. Kingsley H. Murphy
The Laura Jane Musser Fund
Keith Nelsen
Nelson, Tietz & Hoye
Doug and Sue Nelson
Jim Nelson and Nancy Ballsrud
Russ Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt and Sandra
Dr. Franklin C. Norman
Elinor K. and William F. Ogden
Sandy Okinow
Cully and Cindy Olmanson
Charles and Ruth Olson
John Orbison and Holly McDonald
Mary Osgood
Stephen H. Otto
John Overland
Mary Claire Owen
Robert J. Owens
Mrs. Kelly Palmer
Aaron Peloquin
Shelly Peterson
Lawrence Pitsch and Gail Gresser
Richard and Arlene Pontinen
Lois Quam
Eric Rangen
Belva Rasmussen
Mr. Rudolph Rauch III
Barbara and William Read
Mr. and Mrs.* James W. Reagan
Lawrence M. Redmond
Clyde and Mary* Reedy
Jeffrey and Martha Rice
Sandra and John* Roe
Ronald and Bettye Ronning
Michael and Tamara Root
Kenneth and Marian Rose
Jay and Barbara Rothmeier
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Roy
Kurt and Lesley Ann Rusterholz
Donald and Mary Anne Ryks
Amy Sadoff and Richard Launer
Karen and Steve Sanger
Mr. Luke Schallinger
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh K. Schilling
Deborah and Allan Schneider
Matthew B. Schroeder
Ron and Janet Schutz
Ms. Gale Sharpe
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sherman
John and Rebecca Shockley
Cherie Shoquist
Mr. John Sielaff
Ms. Madeline Simon
Kevin and Lynn Smith
Matthew Smith and Lauren Stringer
Roger Snape
Mr. Dale C. Snover
Mr. Ray Sobocinski
Janet* and Peter Spokes
Steven and Gwen Starr
Robert and Sandra Stein
Glenn and Mary Steinke
Ms. Julie Stewart
Joanne Strakosch and Bill Umscheid
Nancy and John Strom
Don Sullivan
James Tallon and Bonnie Labosky
Ms. Barbara Telander
E. Scott Thatcher
James and Kristin Ulland
Ms. Sharon Van Dyck and
Mr. Richard Kelber
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Van Tassel
Mary Vaughan
Jorge Velosa
Ms. Paula Vesely
The Voices of Vienna
Mr. Carl Voss
Jim and Sharon Walker
Jim and Linda Wallace
Catherine R. and Steven Webster
Charles A. Weyerhaeuser Memorial
Bill and Margi Wiest
Frances and Frank Wilkinson
Steven Williamson
Williams Executive Search Incorporated
Winslow Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Winston
Barbara Winthrop
Marie Shaw Wolpert
Michael Wunsch
Eric and Joann Ludeman Yost
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