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Sophie Amelkin*
Sommer Anderson
Erin Berg
Kristi Bergland*
Ivy S. Bernhardson
Kate Biederwolf
Sara Butwinick*
Siri Caltvedt
Claire Campbell
Deborah Carbaugh*
Deborah Croker
Deyhdra Dennis-
Janelle Disrud
Laurel E. Drevlow
Tricia Hanson
Jennifer Pearson
Sharanya Johnson
Janice M. Kolles
Juliann Kunkel
Diane Lee
Michelle Liebl*
Wendy Lukaszewski
Randi Lundell
Barbara Temme
Amy Madson
Anna Maher
Shannon McGuire*
Jessica Mehlhoff
Jeana Ogren
Elizabeth Pauly*
Rebecca Pearson
Adriana Pohl
Kristin Rongstad
Krista L. Sandstrom
Laura Schmidt
Becky Shaheen
Clare M. Sorman
Polly Strege
Cassandra Utt
Madeline Veenker
Karen R. Wasiluk
Lola R. Watson*
Jan Storhoff Weber
Jan Wenndt
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Judy Arnstein
Elizabeth Balay
Sara Boss
Susan Sacquitne
Marcia K. Evans*
Jesse Fleming
Debra Gilroy*
Michelle Hackett
Judith Harvey
Dee Hein
Katherine Scholl
Beth Kellar-Long
Suzanne Kennedy*
Claire M. Klein
Britta LaBarre
Ginger Mateer
Linda J. Nygren
Molly Palmer
Sharon Cogley
Erica Perl*
Barbara S. Prince*
Sarah Prindiville
Beatrice Rendon
Deborah E. Richman
Teresa S. Rowe
Sue Tuthill Schiess
Kathleen Stuebner
Elizabeth Sullivan*
Megumi Takeno
Suzanne Wiebusch
t e n o r
Eric Alman
James T. Ball*
Mark Bergaas
Fred Berndt, Jr.
Ryan Cogswell*
Patrick L. Coleman
Donn Cook*
Benjamin G. Cooper
Chris Crosby-Schmidt
Gary Cunningham
Dana M. Dostert
Kenneth D. Duvio
Lathan Kistler
Tom Knabel
Robert Kriesel
Rich Maier
Joshua McCallister
Luke McKenty
Scott D. McKenzie
Geoff Michael
Kevin Navis
Jason Nicholson
David Nordli*
Richard O’Connor
Bill Pederson*
Mike A. Pettman*
Mark Pladson
Patrick Romey*
Scott Sandberg
David W. Schwarz
Brandyn Tapio
Reilly Tillman
Mark L. Trease
John (Ty) Wettrich
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Peder Bolstad
Scott Chamberlain
Ken Cheney*
Steve Cramer*
Greg Dokken*
Allen F. Effenberger
Karl Gilbertson
David Goudzwaard-
John R. Henrich
Steven Hodulik*
Stephen Hughes
Adam Irving
Joe Kastner
Benjamin Kucera
Jon C. Lahann*
Steven W. Landby*
Philip Lowry
Robert J. Magil
Anthony Manfredi
Douglas Muller*
Robert Oganovic
Nathan Oppedahl
Robin Partch
Bob Peskin*
Nathan Petersen-
David Peterson
Steve Pratt
Eric Schlotterbeck
Bob Simon
Justin A. Staebell*
Andrew Stoebig*
Rick Treece
Rick Wagner*
* section leaders
Other highlights of Zabala’s
2014-15 calendar include performances
in Carly Simon’s opera
Romulus Hunt
with Nashville Opera and concert
appearances with the Jacksonville
Symphony, Winter Park Bach Festival and
Quad City Symphony.
She has drawn special praise
for her performance as the Barbarian Girl
in the American premiere of Philip Glass’
Waiting for the Barbarians
, as well as for
her recording
Exhilaration: Dickinson and
Yeats Songs
, performed with pianist and
composer Gregg Kallor.
Minnesota Chorale
Kathy Saltzman Romey
, artistic
Barbara Brooks
, accompanist and
artistic advisor
The Minnesota Chorale, the Minnesota
Orchestra’s principal chorus since 2004,
is now in its 20th season under the
leadership of Kathy Saltzman Romey.
Founded in 1972, the Chorale is the
state’s preeminent symphonic chorus,
performing regularly with both this
Orchestra and the Saint Paul Chamber
Among the Chorale’s initiatives
are the Bridges program, the Minneapolis
Youth Chorus, Men in Music for high-
school boys and InChoir for adults.
The Chorale collaborates
with the Orchestra this season in
performances of Handel’s
and, with conductor Eric
Whitacre, a program of American music.
Samuel Barber
March 9, 1910, West Chester, Pennsylvania
January 23, 1981, New York City
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, Opus 22
ew composers, past or present, have experienced such
smooth sailing into a compositional career as the late
Samuel Barber. Young Barber was enormously gifted,
and his talents, which included a beautiful baritone voice,
were recognized early. At the age of 14 he enrolled as a
charter member of the newly founded Curtis Institute of
Music in Philadelphia. He pursued singing, conducting
and composition, but only the latter absorbed him fully.
Detached from modernism and respectful of the Romantic
tradition of Brahms, he soon found his own original voice.
His intensely expressive music quickly won favor with
conductors and public alike.
During World War II Barber was a member of the Army Air
Force, and even before he was discharged he was invited to
write a cello concerto at the suggestion of Serge Koussevitzky,
music director of the Boston Symphony. In those days, when
the cello repertoire was slimmer than you might guess,
Koussevitzky sought a new vehicle for the brilliant Russian
cellist Raya Garbousova, a Casals student whose career he
had been fostering since she settled in the U.S.
Like other composers confronted with the challenge of
writing for an instrument they themselves do not play,
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