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YPSCA – Young People’s Symphony Concert Association
Ever since a group of music lovers came together to help the then-
Minneapolis Symphony present concerts for children back in 1911,
YPSCA — the Young People’s Symphony Concert Association — has
been busy bringing great music to young students and encouraging
their ongoing interest in the Minnesota Orchestra.
Each of YPSCA’s many volunteer
activities brings students the
experience of a lifetime. Many are
structured around the Orchestra’s
daytime Young People’s Concerts,
attended by nearly 50,000 students
per year. Among YPSCA’s most visible
volunteers are the ushers who, working
with admirable precision, guide
hundreds of students pouring from
school buses to their seats in Orchestra
Hall for the concert—after which they
reverse the flow, leading students back
to their buses to return to their school
or home. It’s a joy to see the young
concertgoers’ faces light up throughout
this process, and it’s amazing to
witness the extraordinary efficiency of
the ushers!
To prepare students for their Orchestra Hall experience, YPSCA sends engaging educators into
the classrooms. We also help some districts whose budgets limit their ability to send students
to Young People’s Concerts: with gifts of $150 each, our Musical Mentors fund the cost of both
tickets and bus ride in this wonderful program, which now serves three districts.
Our yearly School Music Auditions are another highlight, as volunteers plan and carry out
a competition for students in grades 7 to 12 who display thrilling levels of artistry. Each
student who is a finalist wins a valuable scholarship, and one may claim the supreme
prize: a chance to perform with the Orchestra at a
Young People’s Concert the following season.
Please plan to join us this year for as many activities
as you can—whether as a member or a guest! Young
People’s Concerts begin with lively “Symphony
Spooktacular” concerts October 28 to 30, followed
by “Amahl and the Night Visitors” in early December
and additional programs in January, March and
April. As for the School Music Auditions, the
preliminaries are on January 10 and the finals on
January 18.
Visit for more information on ushering, becoming a Musical
Mentor or School Music Auditions volunteer, and fill your year with
unforgettable experiences as well as great music!
do you remember …?
If you’re among the many who still
recall your first Young People’s
Concert—whether you attended
with classmates or your family, at
Orchestra Hall, Northrop Auditorium
or elsewhere—let us hear about it!
Visit to share your early
memories of settling into your seat
and hearing the great music of a full
symphony orchestra!
giving a ride –
and an
children never forget
A School Music Auditions group in
2012: Co-Chairs Maureen Armstrong,
far left, and Bonnie McLellan, far right,
with Henry Charles Smith, who served
as judge; winner Sedra Bistodeau; and
YPSCA President Judy Ranheim.
Volunteer Nancy Peters, happily ushering eager young
listeners into Orchestra Hall.
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