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celebrating 65 years:
Friends volunteers connect
communities with the Orchestra
Now 65 years strong, Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra (formerly WAMSO)
continues to create inspiring educational and social events to connect people to
the Orchestra, many for the first time. It also provides invaluable sponsorships
and raises funds for the Orchestra—totaling more than $10 million since the
organization’s founding in 1949. Friends draws together hundreds of volunteers to
work for causes dear to the Orchestra,
collectively donating some 10,000
hours of service each year. Volunteers
have many “Aha!” moments, for
instance, while giving children their
first hands-on experience with a real
orchestral instrument or engaging
adults in an elegant Accent event.
​​Want to get involved? Join us!
Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra
a premier Kinder Konzert event:
join us for a
Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 25, then bring the family to Orchestra Hall to help launch our new Kinder
Konzert season—and see the magic of children’s fascination with music. You’ll witness the world
premiere of a new work by Minnesota Orchestra trumpeter and composer Charles Lazarus, who
was commissioned by Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra to set to music the adventure book
Perfect Square
New York Times
best-selling (and local) author-illustrator Michael Hall.
This event is for families, though preschoolers are the focus of our award-winning Kinder
Konzerts—which delight and inspire more than 7,000 children each year. The youngsters sit
onstage as an ensemble of Minnesota Orchestra musicians
play a work created just for children. Join us for this
special event: for tickets and additional information, visit or call 612-371-5654.
Perfect Square
Sat, Oct. 25, 10:30 am, Orchestra Hall
Thanks to the Wenger Foundation for providing generous
support to help make this Kinder Konzert season possible.
Become a Friend!
Your involvement as a volunteer will provide a much-needed, deeply appreciated service—
which will bring you personal benefits as well, all in a fun, socially engaging environment.
Call 612-371-5654 or visit
composer of
this year’s
A budding musician with a helpful Friends volunteer.
A spring 2014 Accent program featuring
Orchestra violinist David Brubaker.
A Kinder Konzert onstage at Orchestra Hall.
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