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Now We Start the Great Round
This heartfelt choral work celebrates Orchestra Hall as
a place where the entire community shares great music
of virtually every kind.
Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms
Stravinsky selected passages from three Psalms for
this splendid yet austere expression of faith, with choir
and orchestra joining in luminous, beatific harmonies.
Carmina burana
From some 300 medieval poems once held by a
monastic library in Bavaria, Carl Orff selected 24,
organized them into a libretto and set them to
harmonically simple music. Their catchy melodies,
lilting rhythms and lusty spirit made the new cantata,
Carmina burana
, an instant success.
Minnesota Chorale
Kathy Saltzman Romey
artistic director
Barbara Brooks
accompanist and artistic advisor
The Minnesota Chorale,
the Minnesota Orchestra’s
principal chorus and the state’s
preeminent symphonic chorus,
is now in its 19th season under
the leadership of Kathy Saltzman
Romey. It performs regularly
with the Saint Paul Chamber
Among the
Chorale’s initiatives are the
Bridges program, the
Minneapolis Youth Chorus,
Men in Music for high-school
boys and InChoir for adults.
The Chorale next
collaborates with the Orchestra
in a semi-staged performance
of Strauss’
Die Fledermaus
Sommerfest 2014.
s o p r a n o
Bethany Battafarano
Ivy S. Bernhardson
Erin Berg
Siri Caltvedt
Deborah Carbaugh*
Charlotte Currier
Deyhdra Dennis-Weiss*
Monica deCausmeaker
Laurel E. Drevlow
Julia Frost
Tricia Hanson
Jennifer Pearson
Sharanya Johnson
Janice M. Kolles
Juliann Kunkel
Cheryl F. LeBlanc
Diane Lee
Wendy Lukaszewski
Barbara Temme
Amy Madson
Shana Marchand
Gilah Mashaal
Linda Neuman
Elizabeth M. Nordling
Elizabeth Pauly*
Elizabeth Pemberton
Kristin Rongstad
Ann M. Sather
Shari M. Speer*
Polly Strege
Victoria Temiz
Tess Gabrielle Wang
Karen R. Wasiluk
Lola R. Watson*
Jan Storhoff Weber
Jan Wenndt
a l t o
Judy Arnstein
Sara Boss
Debra Lynn Dallin
Deanne Dohrman*
Elisabeth M. Drost*
Susan Sacquitne
Doris Ely
Michelle Hackett
Dee Hein
Katherine Scholl
Danielle Jagelski
Beth Kellar-Long
Suzanne Kennedy*
Claire M. Klein
Cynthia Messer*
Kimberly D. Meisten
Sharon Cogley
Rebecca Pearson
Barbara Prince*
Deborah E. Richman
Teresa S. Rowe
Diane Schroeder
Kristen Schweiloch
Althea Schaller Sell
Clare M. Sorman
Kathleen Stuebner
Elizabeth Sullivan*
Megumi Takeno
Marga Tuthill
Jill van Koolwijk
t e n o r
James T. Ball*
Mark Bergaas
Fred Berndt, Jr.
Claude Cassagne*
Dana M. Dostert
Kenneth D. Duvio
James Haugan
Tim Kellar
Lathan Kistler
Robert Kriesel
Victor Lund
Spike Maiden Müller*
Joshua McCallister
Scott D. McKenzie
Geoff Michael
Kevin Navis
Bill Pederson*
Mike A. Pettman*
Paul Riedesel
Patrick Romey*
Scott Sandberg
David W. Schwarz
Chris Sergeant
Ty Wottrich
b a s s
George Berglund
Peder Bolstad
Richard Carrick*
Scott Chamberlain
Steve Cramer*
Steven J. Dahlberg*
Allen F. Effenberger
Gary Gardner
Karl Gilbertson
David Goudzwaard-
Douglas Peter Hanson
John R. Henrich
James Hild*
Steven Hodulik*
Steve Hughes
Jon C. Lahann*
Robert Magil
David Michel
Robert Oganovic
Robin Partch
David Peterson
Nathan Petersen-
Bruce Robbins
Phillip Shoultz*+
Bob Simon
Justin A. Staebell*
Reilly Tillman
Michael R. Tomlinson*
Rick Wagner*
John Walsh, Jr.
Russ Vander Wiel
rchestra Hall has been a touchstone in Steve
Heitzeg’s life since he heard his first concert
here, a
performance, as a teenager.
This, his latest commission for the Orchestra,
celebrates Orchestra Hall as a place where the entire
community shares great music of virtually every kind.
Originally premiered in 2012, at Orchestra Hall’s final
concerts before undergoing renovation, the work is
heard here in a new version, with added text and a
revised ending.
Steve Heitzeg
October 15, 1959, Albert Lea, Minnesota;
now living in St. Paul
Now We Start the Great Round
* section leader
+ assistant conductor
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