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John Pizzarelli
is among the prime interpreters of
the Great American Songbook and beyond, drawing
wide acclaim for the cool jazz flavor of his guitar playing
and singing. He names Nat King Cole as a hero and
foundation, and he has devoted two albums,
Mr. Cole
P.S. Mr. Cole
, to music Cole made
famous. He has drawn special notice for collaborations
with family members: guitar legend Bucky Pizzarelli,
his father; and singer-actress Jessica
Molaskey, his wife, with whom he also
co-hosts a radio and podcast program.
Among his recent projects are a
Grammy-nominated album celebrating
Richard Rodgers, a recording
of Duke Ellington’s music,
and the 2012 recording
Double Exposure
; he
also performs on Paul
McCartney’s 2012
Kisses on
the Bottom
. More:
Ramsey Lewis and John Pizzarelli: Straighten Up and Fly Right
apr 18
Friday, April 18, 2014, 8 pm Orchestra Hall
Composer, pianist and jazz legend
Ramsey Lewis
riveted fans for nearly 60 years as a performer, recording
artist and ambassador for jazz. Originally trained as a
classical pianist and first active as a gospel performer, he
rose to prominence in the 1960s and ’70s with a string
of hit jazz and R&B records, including three Grammy
Award winners. Also acclaimed as a composer, he has
written several large-scale compositions.
One multimedia work, a tribute to Abraham
Lincoln, was premiered in 2009 at the
Ravinia Festival; another,
Colors: The
Oncology of Oneness
, was premiered
in Tokyo in 2010. He has hosted or
co-produced radio and television
programs about jazz, and he
continues to perform in the
U.S. and abroad with
his quintet. More:
Tonight’s program will be announced from the stage.
There will be one intermission.
Ramsey Lewis and John Pizzarelli:
Straighten Up and Fly Right
The Nat King Cole Tribute
Ramsey Lewis
, piano •
John Pizzarelli
, guitar
Joshua Ramos
, bass •
Charles Heath
, drums
Live at Orchestra Hall
Nat King Cole remains a beloved musical icon nearly 50 years after his passing—both for his smoky,
smooth vocals, and for his string of hits starting with his first album,
Straighten Up and Fly Right
Tonight, jazz giants Ramsey Lewis and John Pizzarelli lead a salute to Nat King Cole.
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