Page 9 - Common Chords in Willmar: Final Report

KWLM Open Mic Sessions
Members of the Minnesota Orchestra took to the airwaves
at Willmar’s KWLM radio several times during the week.
Players in the Orchestra’s brass quintet were on the air
Tuesday performing selections from their repertoire, as well
as discussing their lives as professional musicians.
Wednesday morning, KWLM listeners were treated to an
open mic session with conductor Sarah Hicks, as
she shared some favorite music and experiences from her
busy and eclectic conducting career.
The Minnesota Orchestra’s Common Chords website ( provided
an ongoing chronicle of the week’s events. Fifteen blog posts shared photos, video and stories from
various events throughout the week. The website also listed the local steering committee membership
and provided a complete calendar of events. The site will
serve as an ongoing archive of the week’s events.
Additionally, many photos and nine updates were posted
on the Minnesota Orchestra’s Facebook page, Tweets
shared the latest news from Willmar and a video of the
brass quintet performing
America the Beautiful
was made
available on YouTube. Two emails were sent to 125,000
Minnesota Orchestra patrons and community members.
West Central Tribune
newspaper ran a major preview feature on the week, with perspectives
from conductor Sarah Hicks and Minnesota Orchestra President and CEO Michael Henson. An events
calendar ran alongside the article. Events were also listed in Willmar’s tri-lingual (English, Spanish and
Somali) newspaper,
La Gran America.
Other Sources
The Minnesota Orchestra produced small posters and event listing brochures that were available around
town. Word of mouth was also cited as one of the most common ways audience members heard about
the Minnesota Orchestra events. The Public Library created a poster in both English and Spanish to
advertise the Kinder Konzert they hosted.
Photo: Mele Willis
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