Page 11 - Common Chords in Willmar: Final Report

Excerpted from Christa Treichel’s report
Respondents stated that the Minnesota Orchestra staff was helpful in facilitating their
organization’s involvement in Common Chords and they reported that the day of the event went
Most (86%) said that staff were “very helpful” and that the day went “very smoothly”. The
remaining 14% described the staff as “helpful” and said that the day went “smoothly”.
All respondents saw their event(s) as “very successful” in reaching target audiences. Target
audiences were engaged in events.
Most (57%) described audiences as “very engaged” with 43%
saying members were “engaged”. One respondent was pleased with how well the narrator kept the
attention of the preschool children. Another respondent explained that they have never had more than
five people attend a garden concert at the hospital.
Event satisfaction was high among respondents.
Most (86%) rated their event(s) as “fantastic” with
the remaining 14% describing it as “very good”. One online survey respondent wrote, “I appreciated your
thoroughness, attention to detail and anticipating needs.” No suggestions were offered for improving the
Common Chords week.
Respondents felt that their involvement with the Common Chords project enhanced their
personal leadership skills to varying degrees.
Slightly more than one-third said that their involvement
with this Common Chords project did not impact their leadership skills (37%). Twenty-one percent said
the experience “greatly” impacted their leadership skills, 32% stated there was “moderate” impact, and
11% said it impacted their leadership skills “somewhat”.
The Common Chords project strengthened community relationships.
The majority of people
surveyed believed that the Common Chords project “greatly” strengthened relationships among local
leadership and participating community partners (42%). Forty-two percent thought it “moderately” or
“somewhat” strengthened these relationships while 16% said that there was no change. The following
comments were offered in response to this question:
“I was pleased that the [City of] Willmar, Chamber [of
Commerce] and teachers at the Willmar Public schools
and Ridgewater College were involved.”
“Hopefully, this experience can bring more partnership
work [to our community].”
Satisfaction was high among respondents.
rated their overall satisfaction with the Common Chords
project highly—63% said it was “fantastic”, 26% said it was
“very good”, and 11% said it was “good”. A few suggestions
were offered as to how to improve the experience.
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Photo: Mele Willis