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highlights: exchanging cultures
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“Our communities are richer when we share,”
- Daniel Curry, Ojibwe community spokesperson
“The Ojibwe cultural exchange was nothing short of pure magic!”
“It will be a pleasure to see the long term results.”
- participants in cultural exchange
More than one hundred members of the regional Ojibwe community, Grand Rapids residents and Minnesota
Orchestra musicians and staff gathered for a very special
cultural exchange
, part of
American Indian Services
Family Night
at Zion Lutheran Church. People of all ages, including four generations of one Native American family,
came together in the gymnasium of the church to share a fry bread taco feast. Before the meal, guests introduced
themselves to one another and looked at instruments, while kids received musician trading cards and sought
All guests were welcomed through a traditional blessing by a local Ojibwe
leader before the meal. After dinner, the Orchestra’s string quartet
performed to a rapt audience, followed by the brass quintet, ending with an
enthusiastic standing ovation from the audience. Meanwhile, Ojibwe
guests donned their regalia and the evening’s spokesperson, Daniel Curry,
“North Wind,” provided context and background for the performances that
followed. Soon the drummers began and the Ojibwe community members
showed the Minnesota Orchestra guests the different kinds of regalia and
dance. The evening culminated in the invitation for everyone to join in a
circle dance. This event was cited by many as a highlight of the week.
Photo: John Bauer
Photo: John Bauer
Photo: John Bauer
Photo: John Bauer