Friday Evening Forte Series

West Side Story

West Side Story

About This Concert:

The Minnesota Orchestra performs Leonard Bernstein's electrifying score live while the remastered film West Side Story is shown in glorious high definition on the big screen.

Fun Facts:

  • West Side Story re-imagines Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1950s New York City, as a bitter rivalry between two teenage street gangs—the American-born Jets and the Puerto Rican immigrant Sharks—is forever altered by a forbidden love affair between the young couple Tony and Maria.
  • Since its debut on Broadway in 1957 and the 1961 film adaptation, West Side Story has become a favorite to generations of audiences, and many of its songs have become pop culture touchstones, including “Maria,” “Tonight,” “Somewhere” and “America.” 
  • Rita Moreno (Anita) and George Chakiris (Bernardo) won Oscars® for their performances, among the 10 bestowed on the film—the most ever for a movie musical at that time.
  • Although the original musical materials for the movie arrangements were lost, 14 months of research by The Leonard Bernstein Office brought to light a trove of important finds in private collections and library archives around the country.
  • Bernstein himself conducted the Minnesota Orchestra (then Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra) twice in 1945 and 1947. He was a good friend of the Orchestra’s fourth music director, Dimitri Mitropoulos, and mentored its ninth music director, Eiji Oue.

Please note: to enhance the clarity of spoken dialogue during this film screening and live musical performance, English subtitles will appear at the bottom of the screen.

West Side Story © 1961 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.

Photo © Courtney Perry

Cirque Goes to the Movies

About This Concert:

Hear the Orchestra perform film score selections from Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic and more while (all around them and flying over head!) the internationally-acclaimed aerialists, acrobats and jugglers make the most astounding feats look easy.

Fun Facts:

  • Each of the acts performed by the acrobats, jugglers, contortionists, strongmen, ribbon dancers and aerialists are choreographed to movie scores that are performed live by the Minnesota Orchestra!
  • You'll also hear music from Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Chariots of Fire, Mission: Impossible and Rocky!
  • From the sidewalk to the stage—Cirque began in 1984 as a group of 20 Québec street performers who went on to perform in theaters and arenas, winning millions of fans.
  • Praising its magical combination of symphonic music and precision acrobatics, The Seattle Post Intelligencer called it “a show unlike any other…astonishing.”

Please note: film clips will not be projected in this program.

Join us at 12:45pm for Learning in the Lobby activities sponsored by Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra.

Friends of the Minnesota Orchestra

Augustin Hadelich, violin

Beethoven and Berlioz

About This Concert:

Augustin Hadelich brings his crystalline tone to Beethoven’s Violin Concerto, then Orchestra Hall lights up with Berlioz’s brilliant Symphonie fantastique.

  • Minnesota Orchestra
  • Jun Märkl, conductor
  • Augustin Hadelich, violin

Violin Concerto

Symphonie fantastique

Fun Facts:

  • Is it too easy or too hard? The Beethoven Concerto isn’t every violinist’s cup of tea because the emphasis here is on lyricism and elegance, not technical fireworks.
  • When Hadelich was a boy, he suffered severe burns and couldn’t play violin for a year. He said, “Because I had this moment where I wasn’t sure if I would ever play the violin again, I appreciate my life more. It made me realize how important music was to me.”
  • Berlioz wrote his Symphonie fantastique when he was only 27 (and most likely experimenting with opium).
  • Leonard Bernstein said, “Berlioz tells it like it is. You take a trip, you wind up screaming at your own funeral.”
  • The fifth movement of Symphonie fantastique contains the iconic funeral chant, the Dies Irae.

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