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About this Concert:

Two late-Romantic beauties, with a tasty brass center between them. It’s a Sunday afternoon dessert for music-lovers!

Two Rhapsodies for Oboe, Viola and Piano


String Quartet No. 1

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More Details:

  • Charles Martin Loeffler chose a French title for his music, but he was a native of Germany (born Martin Karl Löffler) who landed in Boston in his 20s, and spent the rest of a long, productive life there as a violinist and composer.
  • Johannes Brahms wrote much of his violin music for his friend, Joseph Joachim, who in turn was Loeffler’s violin teacher.
  • Loeffler loved writing for surprising combinations of instruments; his lush Two Rhapsodies for viola, oboe and piano is a perfect example.
  • Brahms was ultra-fussy about writing for string quartet: he pitched his first 20 quartets into various Austrian fireplaces and lakes as he judged none of them good enough for publication.

Photos © Joel Larson and Josh Kohanek Photography

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