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Osmo Vänskä /// Music Director

Jazz in the Target Atrium

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Listen to the October 21, 2016 performance of Ballads in the Target Atrium

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"Orchestra Hall's Target Atrium is the Twin Cities' answer to New York's Dizzy's Club Coca Cola in Lincoln Center — a smaller, more intimate venue where listeners can enjoy concert hall-quality jazz." —Pioneer Press

About this Concert:

This concert presents the foundations of jazz: swing, blues, communal good feeling and deep commitment to shared musical inspiration, using the music of Duke Ellington and John Coltrane as source material for self-discovery.

  • Jeremy Walker, piano
  • Chris Thomson, saxophone
  • Brandon Wozniak, saxophone
  • Jeff Bailey, Bass
  • Kevin Washington, drums

More Details:

  • Led by Artistic Director Jeremy Walker, the Atrium Jazz Ensemble with hard-swinging saxophonist Chris Thomson, takes on this legendary music not to reproduce it (which is impossible) but as source material for self-discovery.
  • Although Coltrane was only alive for 40 years, learn why his music—melodic, blues-drenched and singular—still reaches listeners today.
  • Experience another example of how jazz is able to wrap its arms around all the moods of human life.

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Watch a video about the 2014 premiere of Jazz in the Target Atrium

Special thanks to local filmmaker Brendan Lauer, who has embarked on an ambitious personal project of creating one video a week, for 50 weeks. Follow along at

A Whole 'Nother World: Jazz in the Target Atrium from Brendan Lauer on Vimeo.

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